Confessions of an Agent

Not the 007 kind of agent….just to clarify. 

Today you get the pleasure of hearing from the other half of me. I am hoping he will start making more appearances here and give us some handyman tips or maybe even more real estate information. Just know that I am the brains and he is the brawn of this household. Scratch that, I think he is both the brains and the brawn….I’ll just take the beauty portion 😉 

Take it away Joshua….


Ok blogging world, I am the husband of this awesome blog and I am completely and utterly new to this whole posting thing, so please don’t mind my millions of punctuations or extreme exclaiming!!! When I use an exclamation point I use 3, PERIOD!!!  But seriously, I wanted to write a little bit of something and hopefully you will be able to get somewhat of what I am about through my craziness that is typed hereafter…  Also I am tired and if I say something odd or weird that will be my go-to excuse (and if this is well-written blame it on my wife, who I can more than guarantee will go through it with a fine tooth comb and tweezers and make my literary skill UBER!).

Also a little side-note, this may be a one-time posting because I am sure this will not amount to what my beautiful wife would post, and I don’t want to slice our readership into pieces and make you all be like “unsubscribe” or whatever it is for Blogger.  So if you like it, please comment.

Today I snapped!  Literally… snapped!  Luckily my wife was there to help me out through the process with encouragement and support. (a lot of times, that is all we as big, tough men need!)  I had my heart my brain set on a certain deal that should have closed within the first week of next month.  As a real estate agent we all know to “never bank on the check until it’s in the bank” – (or something like that…) But it’s impossible not to do sometimes, especially when it’s vital to your next month’s food supply. Luckily for me, Mr. Dave Ramsey has had us save up for “emergencies”…

But today is the day I realized that I can always be working harder… (Not saying work harder for my current clientele, because that would be impossible) There is always a contact I can make, or a friend I can remind I am in the business.  I have realized that there has been a “net” so to speak holding me back because I have never HAD to make a paycheck because of my beautiful wife that always seems to provide for us…  HOLD THE PHONE!!!  Wait a second… you’re a man that depends on his wife’s paycheck? What a loser!  I know… I know… SERIOUSLY!  Okay now that I am done yelling at myself let’s get a few things straight. 

1.      I work hard
2.      I provide for my family in more than just monetary ways
3.      I help lead a Bible study
4.      I…
5.      I…

Ya who cares right?  I know I wouldn’t if I read a list of someone who thinks he is worthy of a cool list of worthiness… or something.  Truth is; I am not!  I am not worthy of this life the Lord has given me, with family that watches over us, a roof over our head, food in the pantry, and a working car.  I have a great life, so I need to realize I don’t have to be like Mr. Johnson across the street, or Betty joe who runs a large company… I need to be the best that I can be for God, and by being the best I will show my faith better and be able to witness through my business.  So why can’t that be the best in the Real Estate industry?  Truth is I can! I sincerely believe that I can rock your world when it comes to real estate and what I do for my clients, but how do I get you to trust me use my services?
Well that’s simple…

1.       I meet you (or e-mail in today’s world…)
2.      I try to look older than 18 (which I am!)
3.      You get to know me as a person first
4.      I deliver to you something you need FOR FREE
5.      You like me (Cause who doesn’t right?)
6.      I gain your trust
7.      I insist that you use my services when needed (or recommend them)

a.       Which of course you do… because I market more than any other agent in the world.
Ok… So why then do I not go out and get clients since it’s so easy to do?  Truth is, I… as everybody else; am extremely terrified of rejection and failure.  Yes it is true, Joshua Crain is scared, even though people would call me “outgoing” I am still terrified that when I knock on that door down the road with the “For Sale By Owner” sign in the yard… They will not give me the time of day or understand that I put my heart into serving their needs and giving everything I have for free… because I know it will pay off in the end.  I literally know 90% of people are not going to shut the door in my face or throw my flyer back at me and yell “Take it!!” (thank you neighbor lady for not taking my flyer for the yearly coat drive for freezing homeless kids and single moms!) But it is still the scariest thing in the world to make myself get out of my comfort zone and really kick my marketing into gear by meeting people face to face and letting people use me. 
Truth is, real estate is a business where you work your butt off for people for days and stress over deals through nights and sometimes it never pans out or pays off… and when it does pay off, it is working for tens of hours for every client day after day after day to pay off three months from now.  I love this career, but ye be warned it is not for the faint of heart!!!
So today I pledge to you world, I will go out and be the best I can be and live in “the today box” and not worry about my tomorrow(or three months from now).  So please bear with me as I proceed to blow your minds!


First of all, let it be known that the only thing I “fixed” in his post was the fact that he gave away where we live and well I would rather not have random people come a knocking at my door, yaknowhatImean? As you can tell real estate is a tough career. Being the wife of an agent means I can certainly attest to that. Trust me, it’s not an easy gig. Thankfully the hubby works so hard and I am so amazed at what all he can do in a day. However, because real estate is a commission only gig we are having to make some tough decisions over the next couple of weeks. I’ll let you know if we come to any conclusions, but for now we are just seeking guidance and trusting (there’s the word of the year for this family) that everything will be okay! 

In other news, we went to take a family walk amongst the small amount of snow that fell around our house yesterday. Sadly, by the time we got outside (9:30 a.m.) this is all that was left.

Eden and I went outside for a few moments to bask in the beautiful sunshine today. It was such a different picture than the snow that was falling the day before. It was definitely FREEZING outside so we made it a very quick trip. I didn’t want Eden to turn into a snowbaby. Before we headed back indoors we found another hint that spring is nearing. There are just a few blossoms popping up on one of our bushes right outside.  

We hope you have a very fun weekend! Ours involves eating very unhealthy burgers and fries with my parents. I blame them for my bad eating habits…love you mom and dad!

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