Mommy Essential Numero Uno

The nursing tote. One of my essentials during the first few months of feeding. With all of the expecting moms out there, I figured I should probably let them in on my secret to keeping myself fed and somewhat sane (that’s about all you can ask for after having a baby) during those weeks where it seemed all I did was feed Eden. 
Yes, there are days where you will feel like a human milk factory. In fact there will be days where you can’t remember if you ever moved from your nursing location of choice. Did I pee today? It is 9 p.m., have I eaten anything yet? Yes, those are the kinds of questions that will most likely run through your mind. Oh, and one trick that someone taught me….don’t remember who (seriously, I have mommy brain, just let it go)…every time you are about to sit down to feed, GO TO THE BATHROOM. You may not have a baby pushing on your bladder every 2 minutes, but trust me, your bladder will thank you if you choose to empty it every once in awhile. 
Alright, so what is so special about this tote? Nothing really. Just the fact that you can keep it wherever you sit to feed (and it is easily carried to another spot as needed) and it holds some great essentials to keeping you happy. Yep, even though you think your only goal in life is to keep that darling newborn from crying every other minute, it’s not. You also have a goal to do things to keep yourself happy and content. 
Everybody’s nursing tote will be different. This is my version. I fed Eden on the couch for EVERY FEEDING. Each session lasted for an hour (feed for 45 minutes and pump for 15) every two hours so feeding in a rocking chair or anything else just didn’t seem comfortable to me. The couch provided me a comfy place to rest, read blogs from my phone, and enjoy endless Netflix. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do catch my drift? 
Alright, here is what I had in my nursing tote most of the time:
  • Magazine – I chose home decor, you choose whatever makes you smile
  • Journal – I need paper by my side all the time, I didn’t want to forget anything
  • Pen – duh..if you have paper you need a pen, also good to write down feedings, etc.
  • Energy bars – I LOVED Luna bars (I only had Cliff on hand the day this was taken)
  • Raisins – Trust me, you’ll understand after you have had the baby…
  • Nursing cover – for those untimely visits from family and friends
  • Nipple cream – ESSENTIAL. 
  • Nursing pads – Again…ESSENTIAL.
You get to put whatever you want in yours. Oh and a BIG suggestion, have a water bottle in there as well. I just used the gigantic cup from the hospital, but in case you don’t have someone around to refill it for you, it would be nice to have a bottle just waiting for you in the tote. Another suggestion that came from my second Filipino mom (a.k.a my previous boss) Tina, have someone buy fresh fruit and veggies and place in snack sized ziploc bags in the fridge. Your body will crave foods that are needed to give you back your energy so have some at the ready. Please don’t put these in the tote though. That would be yucky. This is strictly for your hubby to bring to you as you say YO, BABY DADDY, GET ME MY FRUIT NOW pretty please.  
Don’t spend a lot of money on the tote. I found mine in the Target dollar section. I bought this yellow one and a teal one. The teal one now holds Eden’s bath items in the linen closet. Anything that is small, lightweight, and has a handle would be ideal. Think inexpensive. As your nesting kicks in go out and pick some items up for your nursing tote, you will thank me. 

Now hurry up and have those babies, Eden and I need some playmates!

p to the s….I know I call it the “nursing” tote, but I can bet that this could easily be the “feeding” tote for bottle feeding mom’s out there as well. Bottle fed babies need to eat just as much so while you may not need the nursing cover, add in some other items that make that feeding time extra special.


One thought on “Mommy Essential Numero Uno

  1. I did this same thing! ( I added diapers and wipes, what goes in must come out…right?) Oh and a little burp cloth. But Azri only ate for maybe 20 minutes at a time at most. Usually it's about 10 minutes and she's done.

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