Announcing a Baby

Now that I think all of Eden’s birth announcements have FINALLY reached their destinations, I am here to share them with all of you! 
We love, love, love how these turned out. The design fit our personalities and likes perfectly. I had a few people ask me if I designed them myself…while that is extremely flattering I absolutely do not have that kind of talent whatsoever. Like, not even a little bit. Enter my friend, Megan Ward with Red Pearl Designs
I have known Megan for many, many years and have had the opportunity to watch her passion for graphic design grow. This girl has got some serious talent. I knew she would be my go to designer, not just because she is a friend, but because I admire her work. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she offers to address and mail them out as well if you so choose. I did not do this and now I am kicking myself. Literally. I don’t know why I thought that as a new mom I would happen to find the time to do all of it. So, to those that received their announcement, sorry my baby was halfway to her first birthday (okay that’s untrue) before you found yours in the mail. 
The process itself was simple. I sent her in a photo from our newborn photo shoot (yep, never did share those with you…I am terrible) with KC Photography, told her a bit about what I wanted (actually I think I said something along the lines of, you know my taste, just look at my blog, I trust you), gave her any extra info she needed and voila! Announcements were designed and sent to me at lightening speed. Oh and might I mention that this all occurred during the holidays so she was just a tad slammed with other orders. All this to say, if you need a graphic designer, go to Megan. I wouldn’t recommend her if I didn’t love her work. 
And now, what you all have been waiting for…the announcements!

Oh and apologies for the fact that I could NOT get a decently lit photo of the announcements, therefore I am not doing them any justice at all. Hopefully you still get the idea that these are super lovely and fantastic. 
Feel free to comment if you have something to announce…anything really…but extra points if it’s a baby because we like babies. A lot. And then, go visit Megan, and look through all of her beautiful work. I triple dog dare you.
Oh and I kinda lied. Megan actually saw a preview of my newborn photo shoot and felt inspired and designed one on the spot. It was like, “BAM!” Really she was just having fun designing and gave me every opportunity to pick another photo of my choosing and change the design, but honestly, we didn’t want to change one thing. Alright, now that I got that off of my chest…off to enjoy the rest of my Monday. 

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