A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll

To anyone who knows me very well, this statement is going to bring big bouts of laughter….

Sometimes I think it would be fun to buy an old farmhouse on an acre or two of land.

Say what, say what, say whaaaaat?! 

Okay, for those who don’t know me like my family and friends do, this statement is kind of crazy. In fact, I am guessing my parents are going to call me if they read this and make sure I didn’t bump my head. Here’s the thing. I grew up in a town outside of L.A….yep, as in the super big city in Southern California. We moved to Oregon when I was 9 years old. I was angry with my parents. I LOVED living in California. Sunshine is my addiction. I had my best friends. I didn’t want to move to this stinky old state with endless rainfall. And snow?! Don’t even get me started on snow. Well, not only did my parents have the evil desire to ruin my life by moving me to this state full of green grass and trees, but they made me move to the COUNTRY. As in, horses, pigs, tractors driving down the roads. Yeah, that kind. You better believe there was some major lower lip poutage (new word, I just made it up) going on. In fact, I threw a fit almost daily all the way until I was in college. I actually planned on going to school in California, but things just didn’t work out. 

Silly me. Now I actually see the beauty in this state. I enjoy having four seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I miss California and no matter what you tell me, I think it is the greatest state, but I fit in here. My hair turned brown when we moved here and I think it was a sign that I was here to stay. 

Okay, I went on just a bit of a rabbit trail there. I felt it was necessary for you to understand just how crazy the idea of me wanting an old farmhouse really is. BUT think of the possibilities. A house so full of character that just needs some loving. An old barn with wood just begging to be salvaged. A large field just begging for my baby girl to run through and make up adventures among the tall weeds. I would love to hear her laugh in the field while I am making dinner in our kitchen. Oh and animals? We would definitely have to have more animals. I definitely want chickens. Farm fresh eggs? YES PLEASE. Now, dream with me if you will….look at the possibilities…

We could use the salvaged wood from the old barn to create a headboard and a bedroom door like this…

I have already tried convincing Josh of doing this one and when I found this photo I thought for sure he would be on board…maybe the next house (no we aren’t moving yet…but we definitely are not in our forever home right now either).

If you haven’t yet understood my love for Sarah Richardson, maybe you will understand now. She turned this old farmhouse into a place where I could stay forever. So beautiful and serene…

Oh and the kitchen of my dreams? You want to see it? Why, of course you do!

Don’t worry, I am not waiting until I have a farmhouse to actually have this kitchen. We have something similar in mind for our current kitchen. Unfortunately you will not be seeing after pics for awhile…the kitchen reno will most likely be in 2012. Sorry for the disappointment. 

I want me an old farmhouse. NOW. Actually, I will settle for the dream…because in reality I love being so near to stores and houses and people. I love the sound of cars driving by, sirens in the distance, and children laughing…it makes me feel a bit like I am back in the big city. It never hurts to dream though right? 

What’s your absolute dream house? Would it be located in the big city, a small town, or maybe you would really love to live amongst tractors and horses. 


After receiving quite a few questions regarding my camera and photography in general I thought I would just do a post about it. I don’t know why you would want to know because let’s face it…I am totally amateur, but hey I don’t mind answering questions to the best of my ability! So here is the deal…

Either comment here or send me an email at thecrainsnest [at] gmail [dot] com. Give me your questions…any and all of them…I am totally game. I am hoping to do a post sometime next week so get going folks. 

Oh and by the way…you are all the greatest…thanks for sending me so much love! Hope March is off to a good start for you. 


4 thoughts on “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll

  1. My mouth is literally watering. Oh dear… I have been desperately trying to suppress this particular dream while we house hunt as it is immensely impractical at the moment. Thanks Mal, thanks a lot… and now I'm going to go look at your photos again (hehehe) 🙂

  2. I know I already posted, but I can't help myself. The hat picture. Seriously. And the kitchen?I. Want. It. Now I need to go scrub out my mouth(?) because I feel way materialistic. I am happy with what God has given us. Really really. But I wouldn't say no if He offered me THAT entryway 🙂

  3. I didn't even see this post when I posted my ode-to-all-things-country blog today 🙂 Funny! That's what we get for growing up near Rosedale. Also, I'm also obsessed with that barndoor headboard & sliding door! I've looked at it so many times on House Tweaking. Country love!

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