Where’s May’s Flowers?

Life has just exploded since last week. I am a bit overwhelmed. Josh has tried to give me a bit of his calmness (that boy seriously does not know how to get anxious about anything), but it is no use. I just happen to be an anxious person by nature. Thankfully over the past couple of years I have calmed down a significant amount (even more so once I became pregnant as crazy as that may sound). We just have a whole lot of stuff going on at the Crain household and I am plum tuckered out. I have always wanted to say that. It makes me feel like I went back in time….
We Oregonians are a in a bit of a funk. The weather is GLOOMY. Even I am going stir crazy and I am the biggest homebody you will ever find. Thankfully God gave us a glimpse of sunshine the other day and Josh and I were quick to take advantage of it. 

Our crocuses are in full bloom. They have more than multiplied this year. I love their cute purpleness (yep, just made that word up). They are so small, but have a big impact. Thank you previous homeowner for planting these, we like them a lot.

We took a walk past the park and made a beeline for Dutch Bros. Now, I am not a fan (sorry!), mostly because I have serious allergies to their coffee, but Josh loves it so I figured why not make a trip there. That boy has been hard at work lately and under a lot of stress…so sometimes I give in and choose Dutch Bros. over my dearest Starbucks. It’s okay, he bought me a cookie. 

What made this week extra special is the birth of this beauty, Cayden. Eden+Cayden=BFF’s. For reals. Our friends Bryan and Charissa are the lucky parents of this baby girl. I have known those two since 6th grade. We grew up in our church’s youth group together. Some of my best memories come from those days. I love that I am still friends with my church friend’s, and I love it more that my husband is now friends with them. Sure makes get together’s much easier. 

Oh and funny hospital story. Josh and I were about to walk in to meet Cayden when a nurse asks, “is that your baby?” pointing to Eden. Our joint response was almost, “Oh, no, actually we stole her from the baby nursery. She’s already 5 months old. Imagine that.” Don’t worry, I think we just said, “yes.” Second statement from nurse, “she’s not 16.” My first response (still in my head), “WHAT?! No way? I was just going to take her to get her driver’s license. Gosh darn it. Now I have to drive her everywhere.” Glad those nurses taught us a thing or two about our daughter…

Speaking of Miss Eden Rae, she has a special message to all of you!

“Dudes, vote for my mommy and I in this week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge. You know you want to.” 

What happens if you don’t vote? We stop being friends. Okay, not really. Actually I don’t want you to vote unless you want to and not unless you think that my baby is pretty and that the photo is at least half decent. Thank you to all of you who have voted so far. This is actually quite embarrassing for me, asking for votes, but I refuse to ignore this photography goal I have made….so why not embarrass myself a bit more. You know you like it. Either way there are some great photos (yes, I voted, and it was hard). I think you can vote through Friday. I’m probably wrong, I don’t know. So, if you wanna….go HERE.

Okay now that I feel super awkward I might go crawl into Eden’s crib and hide under the sleep sheep (noise machine that is inside a sheep…nevermind).  

I was going to post some photos of my attempt at being domestic for a baby shower that we had for friends of ours, but it’s late and did I mention that I have to be up super early in the morning AND be social?! I am much too awkward for social situations, I really do think I should just stay in my house all day long. 

Goodnight moon.

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