Operation: SIMPLIFY

As if we didn’t already know that I was crazy about living a minimalist life, I will now make it more evident by telling you about my latest project. I have kind of gone on an organizing rampage. I dislike clutter and mess and living in 830 square feet means it is vital that I find ways to organize each and every item in this house. If I even think it is okay to leave something out, it looks like a tornado actually ripped through our house…and that’s with only ONE thing sitting out. Dramatic much? Seriously though, living in tight quarters is something I love because I am all about living on less, but it means I have to be proactive in controlling messes. So, my mission is simple. Go around to each area of each room in the house and figure out a) my problem areas and b) what I can do to fix it. If there are items that we don’t need, they get tossed. I really have no mercy so you may want to stay out of our house for the next couple of weeks….I may just toss you out. Alright, not really, my guests can stay!

My first mission was the ridiculous amount of clutter that resided in a basket that lives on top of my little storage cabinet next to my desk. I originally placed it there to hold the mail before we had a chance to walk it down to Josh’s office in the basement. This quickly turned into my own dumping ground for anything that I was too lazy to put away didn’t have a home. This meant that I needed a solution…and to find a home for a large assortment of items. I was also presented with another challenge. All of my projects must cost me ZERO in moolah because I think we are permanently in a spending freeze (more on that another time). I love me a good challenge.

Right about now, if I were a good blogger, I would have taken photos of the giant mess of items that were residing in the basket. The truth is, I wasn’t comfortable with it. I know that’s not being very honest when I tell you I strive to be very open on this blog, but well…I just am not comfortable with my messes. I promise I’ll do better at showing my big giant piles of you know what during this operation of sorts, but you are just straight out of luck this time. So, instead, here are some pictures of the supplies I gathered.

I grabbed some coordinating scrapbook paper, a few purple folders that Josh had on hand, my paper cutter, and some glue. It was quite simple really.

I cut out a piece of the scrapbook paper because although the folders were already a fun color, we all know without that extra dose of “pizazz” I might as well just scrap the project altogether because I need everything to look pretty in order to motivate me to actually keep the system working. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Once I had the pretty rectangles attached to the folders, I just printed out some labels. I chose to make folders for our “problem areas” as well as one for mail for Josh and I.

We have already started using the folders and it is making a world of difference. See, my handsome hubby LOVES to drop the mail right on the t.v. console. Let’s just say this leads to a very annoyed wife on a daily basis. Without the mail there, the only thing we have sitting on the t.v. unit is a Netflix dvd that needs to be returned, Josh’s wallet, and Josh’s keys. Don’t worry, I already have a place for his wallet and keys in his nightstand….guess we just have to pick our battles (love you babe!).

The best thing about this system is I get to throw all the boring mail (i.e. bills) in Josh’s folder and throw all the fun mail (i.e. magazines and catalogs) into mine. I bet you can imagine which one of us gets excited to get the mail and who doesn’t.

So, nothing too exciting about this one. It was a super simple and completely free update that will hopefully keep our house just a little more clutter free.

IHeart Organizing

I can’t end this post without mentioning a fantastic blog that I just ran across. IHeart Organizing is the most amazing thing I have ever found. It takes my favorite subject and breaks it down into all these great projects that just make me so happy. Honestly whenever I go through all of Jen’s archives my heart races a bit more. This is what I believe Heaven will be like…binders and boxes and all sorts of organizing bliss. Anyway, my plan is to follow her monthly projects to ensure I don’t lose track of my goal of a fully organized home. I feel myself breathing easier already….


2 thoughts on “Operation: SIMPLIFY

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Mallory! Suddenly I can't stop thinking about all the ways I can organize every part of our house. I agree, in a small house organization is very important!

  2. I think that's what heaven will look like too. Doused in Amy Butler pretty-ness with Real Simple file cabinets in turquoise, green, and tangerine colors.

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