Luck ‘O The Irish

Today is also a special day…it is Eden’s SIX MONTH birthday. I am actually going to postpone her usual birthday post since we don’t see her pediatrician until the 29th (he is on vacation until then…the nerve). So, sit tight, we will be highlighting what has been going on in our pretty baby’s life over the past month soon enough. 

Don’t worry, we still celebrated even though we didn’t know officially how long she is or how much she weighs…I’m not that crazy. Her day started with her very first bite of rice cereal, her first try at using a sippy cup, her first play date, one big giant nap, and then mom and dad got a giant bowl of green pasta (which Eden promptly tried to grab and eat). Quite a day. More on our favorite subject later this month! 

Eden’s half birthday present

Oh, and one more thing. Because this family never takes themselves too seriously (or because I am a mean mom), I thought I would share one of our favorite photos from today’s St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot.

We hope you all enjoyed having a bit of green in your life today! 

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