Polka Dots, Checks, And Stripes


That was my favorite song on the Disney channel growing up…anyone else remember that one? Anyone? Well, here is a video in case you were really excited to hear it.
Well, anyway, this has to do with some polka dots which are usually referred to as chicken pox. Well, actually, if you are me you call them “polka spots.” Don’t ask why cause I don’t really know. I mean, when I was four and had chicken pox I named one of them “punkin.” Do you see what I mean? There is just no method to my madness.

Disposable diapers are a necessity right now…don’t ask why…you don’t want me to elaborate.

See my little polka spotted girl? She had her first spot show up last Tuesday, but it didn’t look like much of anything. Then, on Thursday I ended up calling my mom to come take a look at her cause the spot looked quite frightening. It was decided that if anything changed I would call her pediatrician right away. Well, I woke up the next morning and that spot had multiplied all over her body. They looked very strange and not like chicken pox at all. However, I got on the phone with the nurse and she had us come right in…we even had to come in a special door “just in case.” Well, that “just in case” was confirmed because our girl most definitely has chicken pox. 

This girl is taking it like a champ. Some moments you wouldn’t even know she had anything, however other moments (like at night) she definitely makes it clear that something is not right. It’s so hard not being able to help your baby when they are hurting. This is quickly becoming the toughest mom moment because I can’t do much of anything for her except bring her to our bed and snuggle. 

All this to say that yes, I realize I have been less than great at blogging lately. I just haven’t been too motivated. All three of us have been passing around a cold, and then of course the polka spots came. Life has been one big hectic mess and one of these days I may be able to share it, but today is not that day. We are very thankful for the family and friends that God has placed in our lives. They have really been there for us and while it is hard to accept help, we are quickly learning that God brought us people who love to assist others. We are slowly learning to accept the fact that we are not alone in this world and that sometimes it is okay to admit that things are not easy. So there, things are not easy, but we are still happy.
Hopefully we will be back soon with some inspiration and fun projects! 

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