6 Months

Eden is halfway to her FIRST BIRTHDAY! I think this past month has been one of my favorites…well, if I could pick a favorite because so far I have loved each and every month. The thing about the past month is that she has really started to figure out how to move around. With that, she has also learned how to get what she wants. This girl can let out a big yell that lets you know that she is not happy with her current situation. This girl is becoming more like her mommy with each passing day… 

6 Month Stats
Length: 24.75 inches ~ 13th percentile
Weight: 14 lbs. ~ 10th percentile
Head: 42.3 cm. ~ 43rd percentile

Eden Rae, here is what you have been up to lately:

You love to roll…and keep on rolling until you get to whatever it is you want
You are still being swaddled because you refuse to sleep without it
You are back to napping every day!
You really like to sit up and can sit for quite a long time unassisted 
You love to touch everything…this seems to be your favorite way to learn
You have become a snuggler and we are ecstatic
You sniffle at us a lot…it is how you let us know that you want attention
You have learned to “yell” to make us come to you
You think whenever people are talking they are talking to you and start babbling back
You love all of your friends and family
You love your sister and watch everything she does
You want to crawl and are always getting frustrated when it doesn’t work
You LOVE being on your tummy (hilarious considering she used to cry during tummy time)
Now that Eden is 6 months old we can really start to see her developing more into a toddler and less of a baby. I definitely say, “you are such a baby” and tend to imitate her when she is whining…maybe I should let her actually be a baby for just awhile longer. 🙂  This girl is so ready to move and it is driving her nuts that her body isn’t quite ready for crawling just yet. We love watching her try different moves in order to get to whatever it is that she is trying to reach for. It still amazes us daily how quickly this girl can move. Eden has become our sole provider of entertainment. Honestly, this girl is hilarious. I am so thankful that Josh and I get to spend every moment with her. I love treasuring each minute with this girl…and yet I still don’t feel like I get enough time with her. Eden Rae, you are the best!
And now a picture montage to document her past month…
Wearing the headband she got for Valentine’s Day
Via Bitty Blooms

Her adorable cupcake out from the lovely Ali Beth
Working with daddy

Imitating mommy

Happy belated 6 months baby girl!
***For those of you wondering how little E’s “polka spots” are doing…well, she is almost over them! After some very long, hard days she is almost 100% back to her bubbly self. Thanks for the prayers!


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