We Are Free!

I feel like a caged bird. I honestly rarely feel “bored” and actually prefer to be at home. However, for some reason having the idea in my head that I am not allowed to leave the house with Eden just drove me nuts. I actually didn’t mind being housebound for the most part because it guaranteed pure, unadulterated relaxation…if you can call it that. Either way I am happy to report that we have all survived chicken pox. There were a few touch and go moments, but we are still here to tell about it. I missed the blog world while I was away, but do appreciate you all giving me a break. I had made a commitment to my baby girl that I would be fully available to her and I was able to stick to it. Trust me, there were a few days in there where I didn’t stop moving. Chicken pox can cause happy babies to suddenly turn into needy babies, and levelheaded mommies to suddenly turn into crazy mommies.

Well, here is what we have been up to for the past FIFTEEN days of chicken pox.

I got to get a pedi with my BFFL Ruby…the last time I would be seen in public for 15 days
(LOOK AT THOSE FEET….I should have been a model)
We lounged in our jammies ALL DAY LONG
We made goofy faces so we could try to forget the tears

We finally found some sunshine and got to look at all of the flowers growing outside of our house

We got to spend some time with Brooke and Jordan (my sister and her husband)
We got to take walks in the parks (avoiding all people of course)

Grandpa Crain came to visit for four days

We took a walk to the Soapbox Derby to watch a few races (Brett and Stephanie, my brother and his wife came too!)

Okay, okay, I know what you all are thinking. I was just being a big fatty drama queen about Josh locking me in the house and only allowing me tiny sips of water and infrequent potty breaks (what? I never mentioned that?). Well, the thing is I didn’t include the photos of me Eden crying uncontrollably…because, well, I was just a tad focused on wiping away the tears instead of taking photos. I’m growing soft in my old age. Really, we did get a lot of relaxing in and it was nice. However, I am thankful that I can now freely roam the streets of Salem with my spotted child and not feel like we are exposing the world to the plague. Seriously, when did chicken pox become the enemy? I am still super proud of “pumpkin” the chicken spot on my stomach…it was like a rite of passage. 

Well, thanks all for the prayers and words of encouragement. My mind is full of blog content, but I am a bit overwhelmed with just how much “stuff” is in there. Slowly, but surely I am going to try to get it all out of there. Until then, have a funtastic Friday!

4 thoughts on “We Are Free!

  1. I am soooooo sorry, friend! Watching your baby hurting has got to be that hardest thing in the world. And isn't it insane how most days you just want to be home with baby and hubby, but suddenly the thought that you CAN'T LEAVE drives you up the wall? We don't have a second car for a bit, and even thought I've been miss attitude about not wanting to leave the house the past two weeks, I've been melting down all night because I feel so trapped! Praying for you, and so glad little girl is doing better! We really need to have a play-date as soon as all our noses stop running, so our babies can sit and grin at each other :)Have a great weekend!

  2. I remember those days with sick little ones and feeling like you are trapped. Now, with older ones and being so busy, I long for those days. Crazy! I LOVE the picture of Eden with the spots (you wrote about goofy pictures under it). Classic!

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