Old Man

April 12th is a very special day in this household. It is my husband’s day of birth. This year was pretty special since he was turning TWENTY FIVE…thats a quarter of a century people. Alright, well I already passed that up and am almost halfway to twenty-seven, which of course means I am hitting my late twenties. UGH. Wait, when did this post turn from talking about my hubby to how old I am? Let’s go ahead and forget that ever happened shall we.

Anyway, I was excited to celebrate my husband. I think he is the greatest. He is kind, calm, loving, a fantastic daddy, a hard worker, godly, and someone who always puts God first and then family right behind. I know that last one can be tough with all of the pressures that the world puts on us, but my husband is pretty great at it. Because Bella, Eden, and I think he is so great, we had to make sure to have a really fun day and ignore all of the stresses that have been weighing us down so heavily lately. 
The morning started off with a baked french toast that had been soaking up all of the goodness overnight as well as sauteed bananas. Josh’s favorite breakfast is the creme brulee french toast at a local place called Word of Mouth Bistro. Unfortunately, I didn’t have grand marnier on hand…nor the funds to go purchase a giant bottle for the teaspoon the recipe called for, but I think it still had some good flavor and definitely filled our tummies. 
For lunch I made up our favorite sandwich, the Crainanator. It was super great. There are no pictures because I didn’t take any, but you can check back to the post where I talk all about our favorite sandwich if you really want to see it. Once we were done with our food, and after Eden had taken a nice long nap we headed out. We made a stop by Dutch Bros. for a free drink since Josh LOOOOOOOOOVES there coffee. It’s ridiculous. I also took Josh and Eden over to the Capitol Mall park for a little photo shoot. I figured it would be a nice way to capture some daddy and daughter photos and make for good memories of his 25th birthday.
That’s my old place of employment. I think sometimes I forget how lucky I was to get to work in such a great place. Our capitol building is not traditional in any sense, but I think that’s what makes it so special. Oh, and see those weird orange guys? They are supporting our Oregon State Beavers! 
That’s my baby. She’s not much of a baby anymore. This is her infamous srunchy face. She does this ALL.THE.TIME. This photo was taken before we had a big FAIL moment as parents. I am not going to talk about it because I still feel bad, but just know that we didn’t win the best parent award that day. 
Josh couldn’t wait to open his present. I bought him an iced tea maker. Yes, we could make sun tea for free, but he has fond memories of iced tea makers and has been begging for one. I gave in.
I thought it would be fun to surprise him for dinner. My parents and grandma, plus a couple friends came to celebrate at his favorite location, Baja Fresh. I had quite the list of people I would have invited, but had to stay sensitive to the fact that he feels the same way about big surprises as I do…we just don’t feel comfortable with them. So, I kept it low key which worked out perfect because we only had a limited time before it was time for our small group. Oh how we have missed them. It’s been weeks since we have been able to attend. One of these days I’ll capture a picture of them because they are great. 
I’ll have to recap our crazy weekend as well, but I’m tired, and I have an early morning tomorrow. Basically I used to be a morning person, but ever since having a baby this has changed. I don’t like it one bit. Really though, we had a crazy weekend…but it was funtabulous. Yep, it’s a word. Honestly, I must make my own dictionary because I make up new words on the fly at a very rapid pace. Hope you all are having a great week…can’t believe it’s almost over already.

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