Very Very Pinteresting…


Do you know what Pinterest is? If not, where in the United States of America have you been?! Okay, it’s open to all countries, but just thought I would say something other than the typical “world” that is often used. Here’s the thing…I love all things creative and I am constantly bookmarking blogs and saving photos to my desktop and “starring” items in my Google Reader that make me happy and inspire me. So why did I think I would not like Pinterest? I honestly don’t know. Maybe I worried that I wouldn’t live up to some expectations. Maybe I was fretting that it would be a time sucker and mean getting even less done in a day than I already do. Whatever the reasons, I am so glad I got over them and jumped on board this new phenomenon. 

Alright, for those of you not in the know I bet you are wondering why I am using a crazy word such as pinterest. Or as Josh likes to respond, “that is very pinteresting…” Okay, maybe you have to be here for our weird sense of humor. 

Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can “pin” photos of things that you find interesting…get it? Pin + interesting = pinterest(ing). It’s like the big giant bulletin board I had as a teenager where I would put up magazine cutouts that I liked and stuck them to the board with giant thumbtacks. Seriously, its that but way greater. 

Maybe I should stop talking and just give you some visuals to help you understand. I mean, honestly my words are falling short and not living up to the hype of Pinterest.

Sorry for the blur, I did a quick crop in Paint and called it good. You’ll get over it. Alright, back to the topic at hand. This is my photography inspiration board. Whenever I see a photo that I love I pin it here for future reference. Honestly, I sit and stare at this board a whole lot, it just makes me feel happy and then I curse the fact that I live in Oregon where the idea of “natural light” is pretty much nonexistent with the continual gloom outside.

When I get frustrated at all of the rain outside I look at my other boards for some imitation sunshine (really its just stuff that makes me happy…kind of like how vitamin D lifts the mood).

Seriously, take my word for it…it is so worth your time. In some senses it saves me time because it actually remembers where you got the photo so you can always give it proper credit or be able to find the website it came from at a later date. Really, its fantastical (there I go again making up words). 

Want a piece of it for yourself? Request an invite or you can send me your email and I will send you an invite myself. You won’t be disappointed. 

Already a Pinterest user? Feel free to follow me! 

Soon I will be showing you my inspiration board for Eden’s first birthday party. It is my favorite one by far. As much as I don’t want her to grow up, I cannot wait for her birthday to get here!

Happy pinning!

P to the S…Pinterest did not ask us to write this review or compensate us in any way. In fact, they have no idea that I am writing this. I just felt compelled to share my love for something that I think is awesome. 

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