Easter Treats

The following Easter idea I am sharing for you is actually rather old. This is something from LAST YEAR. I know, how shameful. The thing is, I am always so late on getting stuff together for holidays that it is just too late to post it. So, I saved it for that entire year so I could share it with you now (granted Easter is only 4 days away). 

Easter last year was spent at my parent’s house. I knew I wanted to bring a little treat to put at everyone’s place setting and I knew it had to be inexpensive. Well, I found a few supplies at Michael’s (I believe I even used a coupon or two) and got to work on creating treat boxes. This is what I came up with.

I found some clear chinese takeout boxes and some cute Easter ribbon, both at Michael’s. The name tag on the front was made using some leftover scrapbook paper that I already had. Yes, if I had more time I would have made the tags a bit cuter, but a sharpie initial just had to do. Inside I put some inexpensive blue Easter grass (I believe I found this for super cheap at WalMart), and a bunch of bunny related candy. 

Although this project was quick and easy on the pocketbook, I still think it added just a bit of fun to the table. I also threw a cloth napkin that I had found on sale at Anthropologie and a blue vase with some tulips from our backyard just to add a touch of spring. 

The great thing about these favor boxes? You don’t just have to use these for Easter. These are great for any holiday, party, hostess gift, whatever. What should you put inside them? The options are limitless. Well, you couldn’t put an elephant in there because obviously it wouldn’t fit….but I think you get the point. Hmm…I think that elephant comment is an indicator that I have been staying up too late blogging and editing photos every night instead of sleeping. Honestly, is sleep really that important? 

So, what are your Easter plans? It looks like this year we are going to our church’s Easter service in the morning and then heading up North to eat some yummy food with Josh’s side of the family. We are most certainly hiding some Easter eggs for Eden…I am thinking of filling them with some of my favorite chocolate candy…you know, cause she can’t eat them. I am so cruel. 

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