Basket Full Of Bunnies

Wow, life is crazy. Like, the kind of crazy where an entire week goes by and you think it’s only been an hour. Crazy isn’t necessarily a bad thing…in fact sometimes I thrive off of it. I would say I am half loving this craziness and half wishing I could have a bit of peace restored in my life. Oh well, either way I am still loving life as always. Alright, went off on a bunny trail of sorts there…I am really hear to talk about EASTER!

Eden was pretty much in love with this holiday. In fact, this girl was beyond spoiled. We definitely found her new favorite toy, which happens to be plastic eggs. Eden and Bella could play for hours together with one single Easter egg. Eden pushes it, Bella grabs it and drops it somewhere, and Eden “crawls” to it. Yes, Eden is “crawling.” I use parentheses because she isn’t quite aware that she should use her knees yet. This girl is super great at pulling herself all over this house. This has been a bit unfortunate because she gets into a lot of things that she shouldn’t. And she doesn’t know the word “no” yet. Although, I am starting to think that maybe she knows more than we give her credit for since earlier today I said, “no” when she was grabbing magazines off the table and she looked at the magazines and then back at me, smiled, and then pulled a magazine down. Sigh. The good news is now that she is mobile she is EVEN HAPPIER than before. There I go off on that bunny trail again…let me just document Eden’s first Easter with some pictures. (Please ignore the quality of the photos and just enjoy the subject matter, all were taken with very poor lighting conditions which leads me to this…you can’t always get perfectly exposed photos, but sometimes the only thing that matters is capturing the subject)

Friday we had Easter with my parents since they were heading up to Washington to celebrate with my sister and her husband.

On Easter we got to attend our church’s Easter service which was a wonderful reminder of why this day is so important.

Definitely not our best family photo to date, but it’ll do.

This girl is all about the shoes

Eden also got to get her Easter “basket” (we let her pick one out from the Target $1 section) and even did a mock egg hunt.

Even Bella got to get in on the day. She received a little box filled with treats. She was pushing this box around so fast that my camera couldn’t even focus on her.

We then headed up to spend Easter with Josh’s family.

We can’t forget our Peyton. This girl loves her Peeps.

Easter has become even more meaningful now that we have a little kidlet of our own. You really understand that ultimate sacrifice. We truly enjoyed our weekend full of Easter. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!

I know I gave you a teaser photo of our trip to the Tulip Fest and then just never came back with more. The truth? I am STILL editing the 300+ photos I took that day (no, I am not editing all 300 of them, but it’s still a big task) and something very important came up. Let’s just say there was crafting, partying, and a best friend involved. Memories were most certainly made. Oh and yes, you can expect lots of photos and information to come. 

Back soon!

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