Golden Party

Alright, I hinted at this in my last post, but my pal Ruby celebrated her GOLDEN birthday on Tuesday and I got to be the lucky one in charge of decorating her digs. Seriously still on a high from being allowed to be in control of her big birthday. 

What a beautiful birthday girl

So please tell me some of you out there have NO IDEA what a golden birthday is. Honestly, when she first told me this year was going to be her golden birthday (and let me tell you, she told me a whole year ago at our gender reveal party…that’s how excited she was about this day) I just nodded my head and smiled. I thought maybe it was like with weddings how you give paper one year, silver the next…you know, that sort of thing. 

So here I was thinking to myself, “self, do you think on your 26th wedding anniversary you get gold? That would be nice. I would ask for a big hunk of it. Then I would use it to reno our basement. Hmm, the basement. It’s really messy down there, maybe I should clean it. Maybe I should pretend it doesn’t exist and then reno the attic. That would make a really nice master bedroom. Oh shoot, I forgot to wash the sheets on Thursday. Speaking of sheets, maybe I need some dryer sheets for the static that is my hair. I really should cut my hair….”

Embarrassing as this is to admit, this is what happens in my head every single time I think…and I think a lot. Ask Josh. It drives him crazy when I blurt out something that has nothing to do with what we were actually talking about. Still boggles his mind at how I come up with certain things..and trust me, I can trace back to every thought I had. Wow, that was a whole lot of information that I should have probably kept to myself.


A golden birthday is when the age you are turning coincides with the date you were born. So, in my pretty Ruby’s case she was turning 26 on April 26th. Thus, it is her “golden” birthday. Yeah, mine happened when I was 10. My parents DID NOT give me gold. I am still pretty upset about it.

Alright, back to the party. I was so excited that Ruby trusted me enough to be in charge of the decor. In fact, she really just said she wanted some gold to be incorporated and from there left it all up to me. I was so scared that she would hate it, but I went with it (just so you don’t have to worry she most certainly didn’t hate it or me at the end of the party). 

With everything in mind, I had to start planning. But, where to start? With the color scheme of course! I actually got her color scheme from the present I had been so excited to buy her. She had just gotten a new Canon Rebel for her birthday and I figured I would give her a little accessory to make the big black box extra purdy. Unfortunately my idea was so good that another friend gave her one…but hey now she has two to choose from. Let me show you the camera accessory I bought her that inspired the entire party.

Isn’t this camera strap cover a beauty? I just adored the hot pink and I actually was inspired to get that color from a cute pair of hot pink heels and purse that she owns. And the ruffles? Oh they make me fall in love every time. If you want one of your own, I found this one from this fabulous Etsy shop. Oh and the other fabric? Yes, that is black damask. I loved this one because my dear friend and I have a thing for black damask. In fact our wedding cakes both had this great black design on them and damask always reminds me of that. So even my inspiration was inspired, that’s serious stuff my friends.

Oh and here is how the gift was wrapped because I know you are all curious.

Alright, I have to stop myself. This is much too much blabbing when really all you want to see is the photos of the party. 

Can you see my gift inspiration in the decor? I hope so because it really helped it all come together. There was a whole lotta DIY and crafting going on in this party. Like for reals. 

You want to see the cake? 

I had full creative control over that creation. I felt so privileged! I actually had an idea in mind (still using the camera strap as inspiration) and conveniently found a photo that almost exactly matched the picture in my head. So, that is what I sent to the person in charge of the cake. Want to know the best part? The cake maker was FIFTEEN years old. Amazing right? Oh and that cake topper? Handmade by Josh and I. Honestly we couldn’t find anything that suit the birthday girl so we did what makes us happiest…we DIYed it. 

Here I am with the birthday girl. She is one great friend. Honestly she was so very deserving of this big birthday bash. She gives so much to others (and me!) that I think myself as well as all of her friends loved having an opportunity to celebrate her. Ruby, you are truly a rare find in a friend and I am so thankful for our friendship. I am glad our husbands introduced us all those years back…now I better start planning for your next party!

I definitely will dive into more details later on. As it is this post is extremely wordy and heavy on the photos so I will give you all a bit of a break. Besides, it is past my bedtime and I still have some work to do for the hubs…he is so demanding (said sarcastically). I hope you enjoyed some party eye candy, tutorials still to come!


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