8 Months

Another month has absolutely flown by. I couldn’t believe I was already pulling out Eden’s 9 month clothing last night. I remember when I was putting them away before she arrived and I thought to myself that it would be so long until she wore them. I laugh at my silly ways before Eden was born. 

This past month has been so fun and yet so exhausting. This girl move so much that I absolutely cannot keep up with her. You turn away for one second and bam! Eden is in Bella’s food bowl, or getting ready to chew on a cord, or…honestly she picks the worst things to play with. Watching her learn how her body works and start to recognize the things around her is so much fun. She definitely likes to explore! I’ve loved every minute of this stage…okay, well most of it.

8 Month Stats
Length: 25.5 inches (guesstimate)
Weight: 15 lbs (major guesstimate)

Eden Rae, here is what you have been up to lately:

You army crawl everywhere
You say “buh” in reference to everyone and everything
You love to “walk” while holding mommy’s hands
You prefer vegetables over fruit (unless its bananas…just like your mommy!)
You put everything in your mouth
You decided to no longer sleep through the night (bedtime: 10-11pm, eat at 2 & 6:30, wake up at 8:30am)
You are extremely vocal and love to screech and shout at an ear deafening rate
You love your stacking rings, stacking cups, all LeapFrog toys, and of course Sophie the Giraffe
You learned how to throw a ball back and forth to mommy and think its fun
You laugh at everything your sister does
You just started getting up on your hands and knees, and sometimes even your toes (baby push-ups)

So, we are kind of obsessed with you baby girl. It’s hard to believe you are only four months away from being a one year old. We love you so much E-bear, munka punka, punkadoodle, bug…well, you get the idea.

And of course, what kind of post would this be without photos highlighting Eden’s past month.

Happy 8 Months Eden Rae! 

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