A Thank You, Frozen Yogurt, And An Announcement!

Wow. You guys are amazing. You knocked our socks off (funny expression by the way). I honestly didn’t actually expect anyone to make it through that entire post, and truthfully I didn’t think I could be blessed even more than I already had been. See, there’s me doubting again. I need to realize that I can’t doubt God’s power. Anyway, all of the encouragement we received after that last post really meant a lot to us. I am just sitting here with a goofy grin on my face because I am just so gosh darn happy. So, thank you. Seriously. You rock! Oh and to the anonymous person…love you too, just wish I knew who you were. Glad we are friends though 😉

Alright, I know you didn’t come here to listen to my sappy ramblings. You will have to hold tight though, I have one last thing to show you before I reveal our newest venture. 

One thing I have been promising to show you is my parent’s self-serve frozen yogurt shop. They opened LIMEberry last August and I must say that I certainly do appreciate having an endless supply of frozen yogurt and toppings at my fingertips. Oh, in case you were wondering my go to combination is: Reese’s peanut butter yogurt on the bottom, chocolate and vanilla swirl on top, M&M’s, Reese’s peanut butter cups, oreos, and a pump of Reese’s peanut butter sauce on top. Absolute perfection. What? You don’t think that’s healthy? Well, I’ll have you know that peanut butter has protein and chocolate has antioxidants. See, I am healthier than you think.

Alright, back to the subject at hand. I finally got a few photos of their location and wanted to share them with you. Before they opened, they had given me the opportunity to help design the shop and was I ever ecstatic! Unfortunately I was rather pregnant at the time and so busy with work that I couldn’t do as much as I would have liked. I did send them a mood board and then they would consult me on their choices (some that I approved and some that I didn’t…sometimes they listened, sometimes they didn’t). Basically I showed them my vision (which also came together by listening to what they had envisioned as well) and then let them choose things accordingly. Here is the mood board that I sent to them.

LIMEberry Board

LIMEberry Board by MalMal3 on Polyvore.com

We were looking for a fun, modern, and clean looking frozen yogurt shop. At the time the concept of self-serve frozen yogurt was very new to Salem so we got to really run with our ideas. As you can see the color scheme was lime and hot pink (I am sure there is a technical name for the pink/purple they are using, but I’m too lazy to find that out). Alright, here are a couple of “after” photos of the space.

I think you can see the “vision” translated into the space. It definitely isn’t exactly the same, they had to make some changes to the original vision to fit the budget and location, but I still had lots of fun helping out with the design of a commercial space. It definitely stretched me a lot, and while it was similar to designing homes in some ways, there were definitely a lot of differences. 


I’ve made you all wait long enough. After many months of some serious planning we have partnered up to open up our own LIMEberry location! 

Seriously. I know. I am still in denial. Shock is a word I use often. If you asked me 6 months ago what we would be doing with our lives, this would definitely not be it. However, we are SO EXCITED about this new venture. 

To answer the question that I know a lot of you probably have….yes, Josh will still be doing real estate. Honestly, we both LOVE his career…but there is one part that we don’t love. The income. When real estate is good, it’s real good, but when real estate is not good…well, it means we may not see a dime for all of the work for months. Obviously things are going to be a bit insane around our household for awhile, but we still feel its the right decision. I will be husbandless a lot, but its a sacrifice we are ready to make for now. We have been blessed with a lot of family time lately, but we know it is time to change things up a bit. Family is still a priority, but Josh needs to be able to provide for us. So, things will most certainly not be easier for awhile, but there is no doubt in our minds that this is right. We are learning how to handle this new lifestyle and making a commitment to one another that we will still make time for lots of fun family time. 

Alright, now is when I open it up to you. If you have questions please ask. While we all know I try to be very open on here, when it comes to the business there is going to be a lot that I will have to keep under wraps. I hope you understand. Since it is such a big part of our lives I am sure it will find its way on here every once in awhile. If I get enough questions I’ll do another post to answer all of them since I am guessing there will be others asking the same thing. 

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers. We are excited and a bit apprehensive about this new stage in life, but can’t wait to see where it leads us! 


3 thoughts on “A Thank You, Frozen Yogurt, And An Announcement!

  1. YEA!!!! Can't wait to come get some yogurt at your shop! Where are you going to be located? You both will do fantastic, what a blessing!

  2. How exciting! You guys will do a great job. 🙂 I hope it's close to us, so someday I'll be able to have some delicious frozen yogurt!

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