Four Fantastically Fantastic Years

Today marks our FOURTH year of marriage. Time sure does fly. Since I gave you a sneak peek of our wedding on our last anniversary, I thought I would do something a little different this time around. See, four years ago we planned a wedding that fit us perfectly. It was quite traditional, our colors were red/black/white, we were married in a church and had a reception at a golf course…definitely everything I had thought my wedding would look like. Ironically enough only four years later my taste has changed drastically. 

If you look around my house you will find I am not really all that traditional. While red, black, and white were my favorite colors (and I still love them…GO BLAZERS!), I definitely lean more towards a spring/summer palette. In fact I would probably go with gray/yellow, blue/yellow, or even go with something way different…whites/creams and a hint of green (think succulents). Also, my venues would be totally different..well, except I am still really happy that we got married at our church. For fun I found a few images on Pinterest (where else?!) that reflect what I would envision my wedding to look like if it were today.

The Dress


The Decor

So, uh, honey…wanna go ahead and renew our vows for our 4 year wedding anniversary? You don’t mind right?

Well fine. It’s fun to dream anyway. Happy anniversary to the bestest friend and partner in crime ever. You are such a great husband and a fantastic daddy. Bella, Eden, and I love you with all our hearts!

Oh and just because I know you are curious…to celebrate our anniversary we went on our first date (well besides our dates that consisted of grocery shopping and Target runs) in a year. We watched went up to Bridgeport Village, watched Kung Fu Panda (Josh cried), ate at Pastini, and browsed through a bunch of shops. Sadly, this was the first movie we had been to together in a VERY LONG TIME. At least a year if not more. Seriously it was so much fun to have a date night with just the two of us…but really we couldn’t wait to get back to Eden, we just enjoy her way too much. Thanks mom and dad for letting us get away for a few hours!

If you are on Pinterest feel free to follow me! My user name is Mallory Crain. I love seeing what inspires everyone. 

Also, I still have a few invites left so if you want to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon (you know you do!) let me know…all I need is your email address and I can Yeah baby.


3 thoughts on “Four Fantastically Fantastic Years

  1. Mallory, I loooove that dress and the sign! I definitely want to remember the sign for Hailey's wedding someday!!! My wedding would be the total opposite of today too than it was 10 years ago! What a fun idea! Umm, I've wanted to ask you for awhile if I could get an invite to pintrest but I've been a little shy. If you don't mind and still have one left, I would really like it!!! đŸ™‚

  2. Isn't it funny how differently you would do things? I feel the exact same way. But it's probably a good thing.. my wedding would have been a LOT more expensive : )Happy anniversary friend

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