LimeBerry – Coming Soon!

The opening is getting closer…the inside looks a million times different than it did when we first leased it. The boys are hard at work making sure everything is taken care of in order to open as quickly as possible. 

The last proposed opening date was July 1st. 

I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not, but fingers crossed! 

One thought on “LimeBerry – Coming Soon!

  1. Sorry Mallory-I had to get nosey-i hear so much of you guys from my very dear friend-Gramma GiGi!!! Your photos are special-Josh does a great job!! Your little one is beautiful-of course you know that!!!!! I haven`t seen Stevie yet either-but certainly hope to at Gramma Irene`s big party. Good luck on "Lime-Berry! Fran-[hairdresser]!

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