Going To The Chapel

I am so on a wedding high right now. We got to attend two very beautiful weddings yesterday…both couples were very deserving of a happy ending and we are so excited for them in this new phase of life. The unfortunate part of having two weddings, both of very dear friends, on the same day is that you can’t experience both weddings from beginning to end. Sadly, I have no photos to share of the new Mr. and Mrs. King’s wedding day (although I have seen a preview of images from the photographer…stunning!), but I did have a few I wanted to share from Mr. and Mrs. Cappiccie’s wedding.

Guy and Samantha Cappiccie (sorry Samantha…its going to take me awhile to not use your maiden name) have been good friends of mine for a very long time. Samantha and I met in sixth grade. She actually is the one who encouraged me to go to her church which honestly shaped the rest of my life for the better. She introduced me to all of her friends and this group stuck by my side in middle and high school and then later on in college as well. Even though life’s circumstances have separated our group, it still feels like old times when we are all together again. I love this group of friends so much and it hurts my heart that we weren’t susceptible to growing apart after high school, but I guess it happens to the best of us. 
Oh, and a little bit of background about the bride…she writes for Oregon Bride magazine so I think we were all expecting a lot from her in terms of decor and ideas. Oh and she has been talking about her wedding day since I can remember. Josh laughed because throughout the ceremony I would say, “I knew Samantha would do this…oh see that, she always said she would want that…” Honestly, this girl did not disappoint, she really did put together the perfect party. Alright, enough of the blah blah blah and on to some photos of the day. 
The Venue
{Photo courtesy of Josh}
{Photo courtesy of Josh}
{Photo courtesy of Josh}
{The Maid-of-Honor + Bride after the speech}
{Melissa + Eden were fast friends}
{Eric + Justine…photo courtesy of Josh}


{The girls….we missed you Alicia!…photo courtesy of Josh}
Wasn’t that a beautiful wedding? Now if only I could have stopped oohing and ahhing over all the details to actually take some photos. Yeah, did you notice, Josh decided to take over as photographer for the day for a majority of the photos. I am starting to wonder if he should have taken up photography instead of me. Good job my hunka hunka burning love…you officially rock as a photographer. 
To Kristen + Ryan King and Samantha + Guy Cappiccie…thank you all for letting us share in your special day. Your friendship means so much to us and we are so very happy for you. Thank you for sharing us with each other so that we could enjoy both of your blessed unions. Have fun on your honeymoons! 

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