Scattered Thoughts With Some Chocolate For Good Measure

To say I have been busy is quite the understatement. Even though a majority of the past couple of weeks have been spent in total seclusion in my home, I still haven’t even had time (and somewhat the desire) to blog. This is a crazy concept to me since I LOVE blogging. My blog just gets me. I know, it doesn’t have brains or anything, but it’s just really nice to be able to type out all the things that happen in this wacky head of mine without judgment (okay so you two readers out there may judge me, but I am okay with that).

Here’s the thing. I have been a single mom (well it feels that way) for a few weeks and I. AM. OVER. IT. Josh has been working overtime to try to get our shop open as quickly as possible. Open equals money and money equals groceries. I am so proud of he and my dad for all of the hard work they have put into it and I am so very thankful for this opportunity…seriously, so thankful…but, BUT I miss my baby daddy. We are all a bit lost without him here all the time. Sadly, the few times he does come home I am usually a grump because I just don’t even know how to share the house with anyone other than a baby and a whiny dog. I’m such an Eeyore. 
The expression Eden gets as soon as her daddy comes home
Things get worse. Yeah, I know, how is it even possible since my life is so very terrible (enter sarcasm here). We chose to be a one car family about a year and a half ago and while we never regret it we have come to find that now that Josh is working outside the home and I am not, well, sometimes I get a little frustrated that I am stuck inside. Ironically, for those who don’t know me real well, I don’t actually drive. I know how to drive. I do in fact like to drive. However, after an astronomical amount of accidents and such I choose to leave the driving up to Josh. I am quickly realizing that while I probably wouldn’t leave the house much…the opportunity to leave to go to…I don’t know…buy groceries, see some of the beautiful babies my lovely lady friends have had recently, go actually get some frozen yogurt, and so forth is really looking appealing. Sadly, a car is an expense that is not in the cards for now. 
Want to know how I cope with all of this? One word. CHOCOLATE. Seriously, I did not have a sweet tooth before pregnancy, or even during pregnancy…but the second my dairy allergies left me I became a sugaraholic. I crave sugar. Look at the fabulous discovery I made when I was frantically searching for any sign of sugar…
Smores. The great thing about this little treat? I didn’t have to go try to figure out how to start a fire with two sticks. I just grabbed a graham cracker, snapped it in half, tossed some Ghiradelli chocolate chips on one side of the cracker (actually I strategically placed them on there, but that’s just the OCD side of me), effortlessly tossed  placed marshmallows around the chocolate chips in a pretty pattern, and tossed it in the oven. At 350 degrees for 3 minutes to be exact. Ooey gooey melty chocolatey goodness. 
This wasn’t my only creation. 
The sweet taste of coffee and chocolate without the price. Seriously it can’t be beat. So, here’s how it happened. Josh went and bought some Peet’s coffee grounds with his birthday money (yeah, we do some wild stuff for our birthdays). I stole borrowed some, brewed it, and chilled it. Then when I took a celebratory trip to Winco (more on that awesomeness in a moment) I went and found me some chocolate syrup (Torani to be exact…it reminds me of my barista days). To make this heavenly concoction I just threw in some ice (crushed ice is best), coffee, lots of chocolate syrup, and some rice milk. Then I blend. Toss it into your reusable cup because we like to save the earth while we drink heavenly concoctions and add some sprinkles because you deserve it. Then, sip away. I promised Josh I wouldn’t take any more of his coffee, but I’m thinking he won’t notice if I take just a bit more…
While I am embarrassing myself by showing you all of the chocolate I have been indulging in, I might as well show you the most asked about creation. The microwave chocolate cake.  I won’t say its heaven in a cup because its just not deserving, but it most certainly is a great way to get a chocolate fix super fast. 
1/4 c. flour
5 T. sugar
2 T. cocoa powder
1 egg
3 T. milk
3 T. melted butter
Handful of chocolate chips (optional)
Dash vanilla extract 
Dash of salt
Pinch of baking soda
Pinch of baking powder
Toss all ingredients into a large mug (I split this in half and use it for two servings) and stir together until combined. Microwave until puffed, about 1 minute 30 seconds. Sprinkle powdered sugar or cocoa powder on top. Devour.
I know the ingredients list is long, and I have seen it done with far less ingredients. However, I think your results may not be as satisfactory. I have read a ton of reviews on different versions and many people say the cake is spongy and dry. Josh and I found our version to be fairly moist. I did find that the first attempt turned out perfectly, while the second one turned out a little less appetizing. Not sure why, maybe the microwave was cranky.
One last thing…I know, I know, shut up already Mallory. 
So, I mentioned a celebratory trip to Winco. Yes, we party hard around these parts. Josh actually received a paycheck (HOORAY!!!!) so I was able to get groceries. I actually had a really hard time with this since I was so very used to not being able to buy anything, but it felt great. I even took a photo to document this blessing. 
Wow. I never thought posting a photo of our pantry would make me so happy. And hungry. Now I want to eat while simultaneously organizing and prettifying that cabinet. 
In all seriousness, it is late, I am tired, I talk to much, I should blog more so my posts aren’t a mile long, time to go to bed. 

One thought on “Scattered Thoughts With Some Chocolate For Good Measure

  1. I feel ya πŸ™‚ I kid myself that someday when I have a car the sugar cravings will disappear and so will the baby weight πŸ˜‰ Oh well, at least it is AMAZING to be able to make your own blended coffee drinks when the $$$ are not around to buy it out, right?!!!Praying for you, it's HARD to mommy with a super busy hubby. Been there. Done that. Didn't buy the t-shirt because I hated it. But it makes the time when he is finally home again so very much sweeter πŸ™‚ Keep loving and supporting him, it WILL end someday! (and ps- Eden's "i love daddy!" smile completely matches Briella's πŸ™‚ So stinkin' cute πŸ™‚

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