10 Months

Getting a 10 month old to sit still for a photo and not eat the sticker…IMPOSSIBLE.

Yes, if you are counting, that means only two more months until this house no longer has a baby in it. Oh and no, if you are wondering, I am not planning to do anything about that…I’ll be perfectly happy without a baby in the house…I think…

Back to Eden. Thinking of her as a baby almost seems funny. She no longer seems like a baby at all. We have a very independent girl on our hands and I have the feeling toddlerhood is going to be rather interesting around here. Since the beginning she has always had a “I can do it myself” mentality. It’s funny that personality traits show up so young. Basically she is just like me in that aspect. Trust me, there is a whole lot of Josh in her too. Spend more than 2 minutes with her and you will surely see her goofy side. Not only that, but this girl is so very active. She cannot sit still. Thankfully Josh has settled down a bit, but he still likes to get out and run on occasion. 

10 Month Stats
Length: 27 inches (guesstimate..I would say she’s probably bigger since she definitely had a growth spurt)
Weight: 16 lbs (major guesstimate)

Eden Rae, here is what you have been up to lately:

You are walking very well using our hands for assistance 
You just started being able to walk only using one hand!
You refuse to sit and choose to stand everywhere
You quite possibly have allergies to dairy (BOO) and orange veggies
You love to kick your ball…its your absolute favorite activity
You still don’t sleep through the night anymore and your bedtime is very erratic
You are always babbling and screeching
You love to play tug of war with your sister
You do not yet know the word “gentle”
You prefer to drink out of our cups rather than a sippy cup
You are STILL toothless (guess “gramps” will remain your nickname)

Oh dear Eden, you have us both wrapped around your little baby fingers. You sure do love to get yourself into trouble and you also know how to “ham it up” so that we can’t get mad at you. You are so very great at capturing everyone’s attention and we can’t help but to show you off. We love you so very much and can’t wait to celebrate your big ONE year birthday. You are the best blessing any parent could  ever ask for!

Eden got to meet her boyfriend and BFF…Beckett (top) and Parker  (bottom) both born on June 1st!
Baby’s got curls!

First drink of lemonade

Sour face

Being a goofball with Melissa

I just couldn’t help posting this one…

Eden in her new pool..sadly we only got to use it one day before the rain came back

Fun fact: We opened Limeberry on Eden’s 10 month birthday! Yep, that’s right we are OPEN. I’ll be posting more about that, as well as some inspiration for Eden’s upcoming party…that is, IF Eden gives me 5 minutes to sit down and blog…

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