Birthday. Fail.

But not a birthday fail.
Photo by KC Photography – Addition of a pretty crown done by ME
Happy 4th birthday (well, yesterday…I started this post, but decided to sleep instead) to the greatest pup we know! Sadly, in doggy years she is now officially older than me. YIKES!
Now, about the fail. So, let’s start with a photo of Eden’s room all pulled together with a beautiful flokati rug. 
I was so proud of that find. We bought it at HomeGoods, $40 a piece (we bought two for a grand total of $80). 
A month into owning it I started to feel a little less proud of my find. A couple more months and Josh was begging me to toss it out the window as fast as my little arms would let me. Being the stubborn woman I am I waved my hand at him and said, “pish posh” continued on in my denial. 
Now, a year later, I finally hung my head in shame and admitted defeat. The rug is gone. Amazingly I felt this ginormous weight lifted off of my shoulders once it was gone…and once I had vacuumed the whole entire house, top to bottom, back to front, forward, sideways, and every which way in between. See, the reason this rug was so beyond horrible was because it shed. Like a dog. But MAJOR. In fact, we picked Bella for her almost zero shed factor, so why wouldn’t we do the same when choosing a rug? Want proof?
Hint: Look at the giant wad of fluff to the right of Bella’s head. Yep. That’s the one. This was from walking across her rug ONCE to go get her from her crib.
This is a photo I took when Eden was a wee itty bitty baby. I was taking the photo to document the sisterly love, but thanks to a wonderful and honest friend who shall not be named (MEGAN WARD) my secret came to light. See, whenever someone would want to “drop by” I went into panic mode. Literally. Toys? I can throw them in a basket. Clothes? I can hide them in the closet, under the bed, in the hamper. Dishes? That’s easy…throw them in the dishwasher…and so on. But big giant people eating dust bunnies?! This required a very tedious date with a vacuum and I most certainly could not do it before my dear friends would drop by. I really honestly like people to believe I am a very clean and organized girl (whether or not I actually am is up for debate). This rug was cause for concern. I saw it in all of your eyes. You would look down and see those feet eating monsters and you would get that look in your eye. You didn’t mean to I’m sure, but it was there. That look of pure horror. It’s like you wanted to say, “OH HONEY YOU NEED PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP IN A BAD WAY!”
Don’t worry, I didn’t take it personally.
So, yeah…just wanted to admit that I failed. It happens a lot. I’m just hoping I could look back on this and laugh some day. The good news is I no longer need to clog up the vacuum with big white bunnies and I don’t have to fear for my child’s life every time she grabs a fur ball and sticks it down her throat.
Now time to find my poor girl a new rug for her hard floor. Rugs really do pull a room together in the nicest way.

2 thoughts on “Birthday. Fail.

  1. You should check out Lowes. They have some surprisingly nice rugs for very reasonable prices. I found our livingroom rug, 8' x 10', for just a little over $200.

  2. I've always wondered what those large clumps of white fluff were coming from. I kept thinking… "They have a black dog… nobody in the family has white hair…" it was that darn rug all along!! hahaha 😉 Glad you can finally rest in peace without the people eating dust bunnies!

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