Birthday Inspiration

With Eden’s first birthday party only a few short weeks away, I thought I might give you some insight into my planning. Here are some of the inspiration photos I have ‘pinned‘ over the past year. Yes, I started planning while in labor…there were even witnesses so all I can plead is insanity.

Original image here

Original image here

Original image here  (I bought these!)

I know, not a whole lot of a sneak peak…but I am SO busy trying to get stuff together for this party that I don’t want to take anymore time away from planning. Seriously I thought planning it a year in advance would make my life a whole lot easier, but somehow I feel like it’s been harder! I know she won’t remember any of this, but that’s fine by me because I think we are celebrating the fact that Josh and I survived a whole year of parenthood (because that ain’t no small feat). Truthfully if I were half normal I would just have a small family party, but I am not (half normal that is). I was aching to throw a big party, so a big party it will be. There may or may not be 80 people on the guest list. The good news is I don’t think all of them will come, but seriously…I didn’t even know I knew that many people. The sad thing is that doesn’t even include all of the people I would like to invite. Hi, I am Mallory, and I have a problem…I feel like I cannot leave anyone off of guest lists. You should have seen me creating our guest list for our wedding, I am still upset over it! 

Anyway, that is what is going on in the Crain household as we prepare for toddlerhood. Thankfully the invites are designed and will (fingers crossed) be printed this weekend and sent out next week! Hopefully I’ll get some time to snuggle my BABY at some point…


P to the S…. If you aren’t following me on Pinterest yet and want to do so…just look over to your right (those of you on Reader will have to actually go to the blog to see) and you will see a little Pinterest button. Click it and follow me! As always, if you haven’t yet joined the craze, leave me your email address and I’ll send you an invite! 

**A little disclosure if you will….my obsession with Pinterest is all my own. They do not pay me to say a thing about them nor do they even know who I am. I just happen to have a severe addiction to pinning and wanted to share it with the world!  


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