It’s a Cruel Summer

Well, summer finally hit here in the Pacific Northwest…I would say that it is no longer “fashionably late” but RUDELY and RIDICULOUSLY late. I mean Starbucks brought out their Pumpkin Spice Lattes…shouldn’t that mean we have already been hit by so much heat that we are excited for fall? Yeah, I am definitely not there yet.

I have been so nonexistent on my blog and it really bothers me. I would love to write posts each day and honestly I always have a blog post brewing in my little head, but I just haven’t figured out how to fit blogging into my day yet. Thankfully, after an entire year, I finally feel like Eden and I have a pretty decent routine going on in this house…and that happened just as she decided to start WALKING. So, now all routines are out the window and it is time to figure out some new ways to get stuff done. The hardest task is definitely using my steam mop. I can’t get the girl to stop following me as I am using it. And doing it during her naptime? No way. I have quickly learned that having a small, old house means finding one spot to sit in during naptime and never moving. Well, I exaggerate. Thankfully Eden sleeps through a whole lot, but still…naptime is sacred and I don’t want to take any chances. 
Have I mentioned that this post is going to be a bit more random thank usual? You thought that wasn’t possible right? Well, think again. I have lots of wackiness going on in this head of mine and I need to share it. Speaking of which…weaning. I am so ready to wean Eden off of nursing its not even funny. I’ve loved doing it for this entire year and have most certainly surprised myself with sticking to it the entire time. However, this girl has ADD when it comes to nursing…and despite the fact that she has no teeth she still finds a way to bite down, HARD. I guess for some reason I had this notion that weaning would be super simple. She turns one and we are done. However, I am realizing it actually is rather complicated. Add to that the fact that she can’t have cows milk and I am downright baffled at what I am supposed to do. She has her one year appointment on the 20th so I know we will learn more, but I feel like I should already be starting the process. I honestly have no idea how to cut down on feedings. UGH. Why is parenting so complicated?!
Lets move away from parenting and talk about another complicated, but enjoyable subject…LOVE AND MARRIAGE. One of my dearest friends got engaged this past weekend and I am simply elated! I remember when we were younger (we have been friends since 8th grade) talking about boys and our futures and such. It’s just so crazy to see where we are 14 years later (WHOA..I am getting old). The fun thing is she was in my wedding when Josh and I tied the knot four years ago and it just makes it even more sentimental. Pour on a little more cheeeeeeze please. Anyway, congratulations to Marcus + Brianne!

Speaking of weddings, a couple that I know just had their AMAZING wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. Excuse me, WHAT?! Yes, their wedding was that fantastic that it is featured on the super huge wedding blog. Go check it out, its amazing and will blow your mind. 

I started this post planning to show you photos of our trip to the beach that happened over a month and a half ago. I am so behind. Obviously I have already overwhelmed you all with words so I will do my best to only show you photos of the trip. No promises, I really like talking. 
Eating at Mo’s…classic Josh face.

Touching sand for the first time

Sandy “tookies”

I love this photo…I have no idea what is so funny but I always want to remember this moment, the moment I realized that being a mother brings out pure joy in me.

This photo makes the water look gross…I should probably fix that, but I won’t. 

I am using the new version of blogger and I feel like my photos look a little…yucky (for lack of a more technical term). I do like how “clean” the new layout is if that means anything.
Well, thanks for sitting through my rantings and overall wackiness. With all of the sickness that went through all three of us and me being completely overwhelmed by party planning I just don’t have time to sit down and write, even though its my favorite thing to do (besides pinning of course…haha). Now back to playing with my walking BABY girl (only 9 more days of saying that). 
Have a great Thursday! 

2 thoughts on “It’s a Cruel Summer

  1. The picture of Eden's feet in black in white is gorgeous!!!! The one of you laughing is beautiful! I know you have some allergy issues and I don't know the details but Ethan had to have soy milk for a long time and he loved it out of a straw sippy cup. I'm sure your Dr. will have a good idea to try! I love reading this because our baby so closely follows Eden's progress, he just started walking too, and nap time is spent in silence around here as well!

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