Happy Birthday Eden Rae!

At this very moment one year ago our lives changed and honestly we could never have imagined just how good we would have it. Honestly it doesn’t seem like a whole year has passed since the doctor placed the tiniest little girl with an itty bitty button nose in my arms. Despite the events that happened after she was born, I still think about that moment with a big smile on my face. Today we will have had a big over the top party to celebrate not only our little girl, but to celebrate the fact that Eden has survived a whole year with us as parents. Today I will write her a letter letting her know just how special she is to me. How my love for her will never change. How she has made me the best version of myself. Amazing how someone so small can effect your life in such a big way. 
I’ll definitely be going back to read Part I and Part II of my birth story just to make sure I remember every single moment of that day. 
I have so many words I would like to say, but part of me just wants to leave it at this. Simple. To the point. 
Eden Rae, you have made me realize that being a mom is the best job I have ever had. I may not always be perfect at it, but you love me anyway. I love being your mom and I can’t wait for all of the years to come. You are already growing up to be such a fun and loving child and I look forward to watching you grow.
Happy birthday.
*Thank you to Pinterest for inspiring Eden’s birthday photo…gotta give credit where it’s due folks.

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