12 Months

Here we are, the last one of these monthly posts. Now admittedly I doubt I can stop posting these, but it will most certainly be a bit different of a format. We won’t have all of the pediatrician appointments and such for measurements, but I am sure I can’t resist documenting my little lady. Yep, my “baby” is now a big, semi-independent toddler. Well, she thinks she is fully independent some days, but I beg to differ. This last month whizzed right by as we prepared for her big first birthday party (don’t worry, I am planning some big posts for that one!). I definitely would stop and snuggle her a lot just so I could be sure to cherish every last bit of her babyhood. Honestly, having a baby was so much fun…and yet, here I am LOVING having a toddler. Yes, she sure does have quite the personality…which can be good, but a lot of times means we are having to use the word, “no” a lot more than we would like. This girl is not docile. Not even a little bit. She is curious and loves to get into anything she is not supposed to. If things don’t go her way she will scream. My ears hurt after these episodes. Obviously we are going to have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure she becomes a well-behaved young lady! We love every minute of it though, even when it means chasing her down because she got a hold of the toilet brush yet again (gag!). 

12 Month Stats
Length: 28 inches ~ 25th percentile
Weight: 17.6 lbs. ~ 5th percentile
Head: 44.5 cm. ~ 50th percentile

(Update: Shoe size: 3…that’s for you, Danae!)

Eden Rae, here is what you have been up to lately:

You started walking! (September 7) 
You clearly say dog, mama, dada, pig (well, according to daddy)..and probably more that we haven’t deciphered
You know to get our phones to play the peek-a-boo barn app and to get the remotes to watch Blue’s Clue’s
You have started bringing us books to read and like to listen to them over and over
You are down to just one 2 hour nap a day
You like to curl up in Bella’s bed (usually with Bella) when you are sleepy
You have discovered your love for grapes this past week and love orange juice

You play tug-of-war with Bella ALL.THE.TIME

You apparently don’t care for cake and frosting (fine by me!)
You moved to the WALKER nursery at church this past month!
You are extremely active so you are really enjoying your riding toys and ride them all over the house
You know how to sign “all done”
You are STILL toothless (shopping for dentures this month…I kid, I kid!)

Zero Months

My girl, you are so much fun! Daddy and I love you so very much and this past year has been the greatest of our entire lives. We never want you to forget how much we love you and enjoy you. You make each day a party. You still love everyone and are starting to make little baby friends which we love. I love that you follow me around while I clean the house, but can play all by yourself as well. We thank God for the blessing you have been in our lives each day! Never forget it bear!

Your first birthday party photo shoot
Riding a “horse” at the zoo

Honoring those that have served our country (September 11, 2011)

I’ll be back with all of the party details and of course PHOTOS as soon as I gather them all from everyone that took pictures during the party (yeah…I never took one of Eden the entire time! Bad mom!). 

Now off to play with my TODDLER…

2 thoughts on “12 Months

  1. I LOVE the photos together from each month 🙂 So genius right from the start! And the 10 month, with her eating her onesie definitely made me giggle 🙂 And as chasing after a child with a toilet brush… I'm with you, man, I'm with you.

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