2 Years

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Two years ago (well technically two years and two days) I started this blog. I can’t believe it’s already been that long! Our blog is like a friend to me…it lets me rant for hours and never talks back. Should I admit that I think of my blog as a friend? Umm probably not. Whoops. Okay, but in all seriousness I really, truly love blogging. I wish I could spend more time on here, but alas at this point in my life I’m far too consumed by family and our business to spend countless hours on here. Maybe one day I’ll be devoted to posting each day, but that probably wouldn’t happen unless I had more than two people who read this thing, ha!

When we decided we wanted to start this blog back in September 2009 we were just living in an apartment daydreaming of the day that we would own a home and fill it full of children. We had no idea that just two short months later we would be putting an offer on a house, getting pregnant a month after, and moving into our brand new very old house the following February. 
We have had so many changes in these past couple of years and I can’t wait to see what changes will occur over the next two years! 
One change that I have been contemplating for awhile…and I even wrote about it in our goals for this year…is changing up the blog. As in, name change and everything. I have the name and in fact even have the blog started. I just for some reason can’t get myself to pull the trigger. I have commitment issues, for real. So, fingers crossed, I will get over it and just do it already. I should have just handled it like I handled marriage…I met the man, got engaged right away, got married just a short while later, and it was a done deal. No time to back out 🙂

We are also contemplating a big life change right now. No further details right now…just letting you know that things might get all crazy up in here.

Anyway, happy 2nd birthday blog! Maybe next year I’ll throw you a big party…


2 thoughts on “2 Years

  1. Thanks Sarah, that definitely gave me the push to do it. I just definitely want to do it right instead of rushing into like I did last time. By the way, I LOVE your blog…I had so much fun going through all the archives awhile back 🙂

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