Pretty People

In an effort to upgrade my “cool” factor…I felt the need to brag about my friends. They are beyond cool. Too cool for school y’all. Hmm…apparently when I bring out the cheesy lines I also decide I have a Southern drawl.

Anyway, today on Style Me Pretty…yes, THEE blog for all things wedding…a wedding was featured. I know, I am hitting you with the obvious right now. However, the wedding wasn’t just any wedding, it was of a beautiful girl that I went to high school and college with. Not only that, but her wedding was photographed by another friend that I went to high school with. Oh and want to get hit by some serious crazy? The photographer that I just mentioned, I just told you about how his wedding was featured on the very same blog. Yeah, pretty people flock together (is that how the saying goes?). Now, I know you are all thinking that if that saying is true than HOWINTHEWORLD did I become friends with them? Would you believe its my amazing personality that draws the pretty people in? No? Oh. Well then I am at a loss. Anyway, please go look at this absolutey stunning bride, handsome husband, FUH-REAKING FABULOUS wedding, and the most amazing wedding photos to date.
Wait, want to hear a sad story? No? Well, its coming anyway. Erich, the photographer, had offered to shoot our wedding all those 4.5 years ago. Can I just say I have kicked myself in the rear end only 1,003 times for not saying yes back then? I mean, we didn’t formally discuss it or anything…it was just an offer, but SERIOUSLY? Erich, can we please have a redo? I want to have another wedding anyway so I am all for it. Just don’t tell Josh until the day of mmmmkay?

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