Jar of Cupcakes

Today I just have a super simple gift idea for you all. Our neighbors had brought home their newborn baby boy and we wanted to give them a little something. Of course a baby gift is obvious, and we could have done a meal, but we knew they had their family staying with them for awhile so meals weren’t an issue. Then it hit us. The one thing you don’t get a lot of are “treats” when you come home from the hospital…and who doesn’t need a little sugar to give them some faux energy once in awhile (especially with a newborn). So, while Josh and I are working towards living healthier lives (more on that later) we still think its fun to make something sugary as a treat every once in awhile. Plus, I needed some quick and easy. Enter a boxed cake mix and some frosting…ummm, did I just go there? Yes, yes I think I did. 

These were so simple. I picked a box of funfetti cake mix because, well, it’s fun and some white frosting. I prepared the mix according to the directions and poured the mixture into one of my glass jars about 1/2 full. I baked them just like I would bake a cake and just kept my eye on them until the toothpick came out clean. Helpful hint: use a funnel or just have a very steady hand when pouring the batter into the jar. If any batter is left on the sides of the jar it will come out a burnt mess…yes, I have had experience. As for the frosting on top I just took the store bought frosting and placed it in a plastic bag. I cut off the tip and swirled it around until I got the desired effect. Then I sprinkled on some rainbow sprinkles and was satisfied. To package it up I traced the lid of the jar onto some scrapbook paper, cut it out, and attached it to the top of the lid for a little extra fun. Then I tied on a fork (it’s what we happened to have) with a ribbon and that was that. Of course I attached a little note before we delivered it as well. 
Have fun with this…use different mixes, add in different toppings, decorate it however you would like. These would make great hostess gifts, welcome to the neighborhood gifts…the sky is the limit really. The only rule is, make one for yourself at the same time or otherwise you’ll be delivering a half eaten jar. Consider yourself warned. 

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