The Making Of An Announcement

There has been something Eden has been wanting to say for awhile, but we had to wait to share the news (Okay no has nothing to do with her becoming a big sister so just stop it). 

Translation: I’m going to be a cousin!!!! 
Eden received this special onesie from her adopted aunt and uncle, Ruby and Daniel a couple months ago. To say we were excited would be the understatement of the century. In fact, Josh and I literally couldn’t sleep that night following their announcement because all we could do is talk about their baby. Honestly, it felt like we were having another child, that is just how excited we get about our best friends having their first baby. I think it made it extra special since we now know what it is like to see that ‘positive’ on the stick. I am really hoping she never shows anyone the video that she recorded of us finding out because honestly we acted like loonies. Okay fine, I was the only looney one there. 
So, this post actually gets even more exciting. No people, Ruby and I are not pregnant together…and in fact we technically can’t even think about another little one until Eden is at least 18 months…this means NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Alright, now on to the exciting stuff. Daniel and Ruby asked ME to take photos for them to announce their pregnancy to everyone. No pressure or anything. The only photos I take are of Eden and inanimate objects that can’t tell me how horrible I am at photography. The scary thing is, Daniel and Ruby can talk…crazy as that may be. Of course I couldn’t say no, I mean they are family to us and I just cannot say no to family. So, I did it. And I was so very honored. Want to see?
Yes, these are the same, I just liked the processing of the second one so I had to include it. Oh and um, hello cute puppy! That is Stella…yes it rhymes with Bella. I think they should name their child “Aiden” so Eden doesn’t feel left out (I couldn’t come up with something that rhymed better…).
Also, if I had the time I would include some outtakes from my photo session with Eden. Trying to get that girl to sit still so I could get a clear photo of her onesie was asking a whole lot of her apparently. It ended with her climbing up the ottoman, and whining at me when she got stuck. Maybe I’ll get those posted for fun one of these days, but today is not that day. I have to go get packed because I, my friends, am going on a retreat with the ladies of our church! Yes, the first time being away from Eden overnight. Actually its overnight times two. So, time to prepare and then snuggle with the monkey a whole lot to make up for lost time. 
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! 

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