13 Months

Look who is 13 months (well, 2 days ago)! This past month Eden worked on perfecting her walking skills and now can do so very confidently…and is even working on running. One BIG exciting change was finding a TOOTH! I was able to cease looking for toddler dentures which was a huge sigh of relief. There were about two days of some serious crankiness and then she was back to her happy self. 
Things you love:
Walking everywhere
Waking up your dada
Playing with Bella
Farm Animals
Throwing things
EATING (she officially eats more than me now)
Apples (applesauce, apple cider, green apples…)
Feeding Bella
Playing in the park
Talking, singing, and shrieking everywhere you go
Reading every book in the house
Sorting + organizing toys, shoes, etc.
Things you don’t love:
Getting told “no”
The nursery at church (she used to LOVE it so much, hoping it’s short lived)
When mommy leaves for the weekend
Not getting to eat everything that you want
The sun in your eyes

Trader Joe’s organic animal crackers…with us wherever we go.

So much for a toy basket.

This girls loves shoes + organizing. Put them together and well, you have this.

Showing off her church outfit

This was taken immediately after that last one. This was also during teething. Can you say MOOD SWINGS?!

*Sorry about the quality of the photos. I dropped my beloved nifty fifty lens (otherwise known as the 50mm 1.8) during Eden’s birthday party and it has never been the same. It makes me so sad. In fact, I almost can’t handle the sadness. At least the subject of the photos makes me smile!
UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your prayers regarding my little scare last week. The good news is it was just an infection and I am all done with my crazy medication. Thankfully the medication didn’t make me sick (despite the 50 million warnings that it would make me very ill) and I can certainly attribute that to lots of prayer and my miracle product, Kefir. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to tell you all about that soon. Not being sick was a major blessing since I had my very first weekend away with the ladies of my church so I was so glad that I didn’t have to worry about that! You all made me feel so loved and comforted, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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