Patching The Pumpkin

During a bout of AMAZINGLY gorgeous fall weather here in Oregon, we decided a trip to the pumpkin patch was most definitely in order. We followed tradition this year and returned to Bauman Farms. We seriously love that place. I mostly just appreciate that we don’t get charged a million and one dollars to enter a farm with a young child who really can’t do a whole lot of activities anyway. Honestly, some of those farms out there are getting crazy expensive. It’s pure insanity I tell you. I thought it would be fun to compare this years pictures to last year’s since Eden was only a month old last year during her first trip to the pumpkin patch and was 13 months this year. It is so fun to look back and see how much she has changed. Oh and also to laugh at ourselves for forcing a newborn to pose behind a wood cutout. 

Last Year

This Year

Last Year

This Year

Last Year

This Year

Last Year

This Year

Wasn’t that a fun little trip down memory lane? Here are a few more fun photos from our little farm trip.

Is this not the cutest calf nose you ever saw? You can’t see it here, but Eden kept putting her hand through the fence and petting it’s soft little nose. We were all in love with the baby cowie. 

As you can see our daughter has my love for animals. Good thing we want a farm. I never thought I would want a goat, but this girl LOVED feeding the goat. Maybe I’ll get over my memories of goats eating my favorite shirts when I was younger…I mean, its only been 20 years since that happened. Geez.

We wanted to get a photo of her standing in front of this measuring stick, but unfortunately Eden thought that  was rather boring and off she went. 

 We took a little walk through the pumpkin patch. We didn’t find the unique pumpkins we were looking for, but Eden sure had fun. Oh and ridiculous side note…I had no idea that Eden had found the CUTEST pumpkin ever while I was taking photos. I was so busy holding the big black box in front of my face, snapping away, that I never even saw it. Needless to say I threw a fit after I saw these photos and realized we didn’t buy it for her. Don’t worry, we ran to the store and bought her one! 

This girl loved petting the hay on this pumpkin dude. Don’t know why, but apparently it was rather entertaining. 

We had a great time at the farm. Our only regret was that we went right at closing so we were sad to have to leave. I am honestly so excited for next fall just so we can go again! Wow..never thought I would be excited for fall, but things sure have changed this year. 


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