Happy Halloweenie!

So I had this great plan where I take a photo of Bella in her hot dog costume and say, “Happy Halloweenie!” It was a great plan, but I failed to remember that actually making that happen was a little above and beyond what I could handle. Big fail. Let’s all pretend that it actually happened shall we?

Once I get some photos of Eden in her costume I will post them, but for today I figured I would FINALLY show you all that I did in fact embrace the fall spirit and put a little decor around the house. Nothing exciting, but hey, I tried. Oh and I discovered this year that I actually don’t like Halloween. I think I just don’t get it. Why would I want to decorate with fake spiders all over my house (we have plenty of live ones in our basement), dress up in weird clothing, watch movies that make me pee my pants, engorge myself in candy, and embrace dead people? I just don’t get it. However, I did get enough of the spirit to take Eden to a couple of houses for fun. More on her experience on this day at a later time…let’s just say she is all too happy embracing this holiday a lot more than I am.
As usual, for the decor, I stuck mostly to the mantle. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having a mantle? It has been my dream for so long to be able to have one to decorate and hang stockings from. The bad news is I don’t have the money to buy anything for said mantle, so I just have to shop around my house. This wouldn’t really be bad news except that I don’t have much to use as it is. 

It is definitely more…cluttered…than I usually would be comfortable with. I like clean, simple, bare and this is most certainly none of that. It is kind of fun though and I am happy enough with it. I really do need to come up with a new look for the mantle for Christmas. I have pretty much continued keeping that old window with photos in the center and books on the side for the better part of a year.

I am in major obsessive love with my gold pumpkins. If I were a good blogger I would have taken before photos, but I’m not, so I am asking you to use your imagination. I bought these two pumpkins at the Dollar Tree. Which means I spent $2 for two foam pumpkins. Way better than the prices I had seen at a certain craft store. I originally planned on getting them all glittered up like I had done in years past, but after I had painted them up with some gold spray paint I realized I was quite happy with the result and left them as is. Maybe next year I will need a little more bling, but for now I am just loving them as is. 
Hope you all enjoyed yourselves on this Halloween! Want to know a fun fact? Today marked our 5 year dating anniversary. Yep, we started dating “officially” on Halloween in 2006. Our date consisted of LOTS of  scary movies. No, seriously. We watched the entire Halloween movie marathon until 3 a.m. Good to know we bonded over blood and guts. How romantic.

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