Eden loves Halloween. She didn’t inherit that from me. Honestly, she was the happiest child ever. I tried to keep her from eating candy, and yet she found it and DEVOURED it. Serious. Here’s proof.

See? Terrible right? I hate to admit it, but she is so cute with chocolate on her face, even if I am wincing watching her eat it. It’s one of those moments where you throw up your hands and realize kids have some innate love for sweets. I am still going to do everything in my power to keep the sweets out of our home at least and I’ll choose to be less rigid when we are out. I’m all about the happy medium.
Look at my girl dressed up as a cupcake frozen yogurt. She cried every time we tried to take off her costume. She LOVED it. Weirdo. She most certainly didn’t get that from me, I despise dressing up. Josh on the other hand…well, yeah, we will just say she got it from him. 
We also carved pumpkins for Halloween…well the day before anyway. Did you know I absolutely LOVE yanking the guts out of pumpkins? Honestly its like Christmas morning for me. Every year I can’t wait to get my hands on the pumpkin and clean it all out. It is my goal to get every single solitary strand of guts out of those beautiful orange gourds. It is even more fun to separate the seeds from the stringy guts. Yep.
Do you see how Eden is holding my arm? The girl wouldn’t touch the guts for anything, but she held on to my arm the majority of the time. My girl can be sweet when she wants to be. Oh and please pay no attention to me in this photo. I had planned on not letting you see what I look like wearing no makeup and hair shoved under a headband. Sorry for this image. 
Want to see something less sweet? Take a look at my husband carving the pumpkin. That’s how we do it around here.
And the finished product. 
Many people ask if Bella likes Eden. Well, does she have a choice? Look at those two. Eden loves to lay on top of Bella. Eden also weighs ten pounds more than her puppy. We may need to have a chat with her about not squishing the dog. Oh and the disposable diaper? That was the just in cause our daughter actually wants to get messy and play in pumpkin guts but oh wait she apparently is terrified of all things messy. You know she is rocking her cloth diaper all other times. 
I made Eden do a photo shoot in her costume. Yes, I am that mom. I particularly enjoy being that mom thankyouverymuch. I had to use the flash on my camera during Halloween (because my gosh darn nifty fifty lens bit the dust) and I just couldn’t handle posting a bunch of photos using flash. I needed to capture my girl in her cute costume. So, we wheeled the wagon down the street. I had dreams of her behaving the way she always had in the past during all of our thousands of photo shoots. She would sit where I wanted to, slyly look up at me with the cutest grin, happily throw leaves up in the air…you get the picture. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was literally CHASING her across the grass and scooping her up every time she made it to the street. I even bribed her with snacks. That did no good. She either had chipmunk cheeks from shoving in too many crackers or would throw her arm up in the air while simultaneously whining until I gave her another one. My perfect photogenic child is no more. 
Excuse the truck and the house in that last one. I had to include it because it reminded me of the fact that she suddenly feels the need to stand on her head. Literally, she puts her head to the ground and has her rear in the air. No idea where she got this idea, but it happens when you least expect it. Makes us giggle. 
Last week we also got to spend some time with friends. We don’t seem them often enough. It’s so fun to get all of our kids together and watch how they interact. I think they are going to be longtime buddies. 

I need to show you part 2 of the pumpkin patch, but that must wait. My eyes are closing and there is a certain one year old who likes to wake up at the crack of dawn these days. Time to rest!


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