Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Have I told you yet that I am a L-O-S-E-R?! Because I am. Majorly. I also named my Beta fish “Resol” in high school (loser spelled backwards), but maybe I should have kept that to myself. Either way, I am crossing my fingers that I am going to be a winner. Let me tell you what I want to win…

Red Pearl Designs is having the best giveaway! Megan is letting one lucky winner choose 50 holiday cards for FREE. Oh you know I want in on that. I know our friends and family are so anxious to see a current photo of me because I am just that pretty. Oh fine, really they just want to see Eden and most likely you won’t even see any part of me in the photo, but give me a little hope please. I must also let you know that these 50 cards are for the most beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent letterpress cards. Letterpress + Mallory = one big weird happy family. 
I’m sure you are so tired of me saying this, but let me just remind you that the beautiful Megan is the one who designed Eden’s birth announcements. In case you forgot what they look like here it is one more time. 
She does amazing work people. So if you are in need of holiday cards then head on over and enter the giveaway. You can bet your bottom dollar (what?!) that I am. I am only telling you this because it truly is a great giveaway and I just realized that by telling you all to go over and enter means I have even less of a chance. Oh by all means please make it that much harder for me to be a winner. I dare you. 
Enter HERE.

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