Pinkalicious First Birthday: The Eats

I’m back with my favorite part of any party….FOOD!  Seriously, I love eating food, cooking food, talking about food. Yes, food is most definitely one of my loves. On to the details. 

I “pinned” a ton of food inspiration to come up with the perfect menu for Eden’s party. I knew I wanted to go with food that made you feel like a child again so that’s where I started. The other important issue with the food was the fact that Eden has had a dairy allergy (yay for growing out of it!). We wanted food that Eden and any other child with allergens of some sort could at least eat something. 

Also, just a note that any recipes used are linked to the food title, so just click on the name of the food and it will take you to the recipe! If there isn’t a link its because we didn’t use a recipe or because we bought it 🙂

Mini Mac+Cheese and Veggie + Dip Cups

Fruit Kabobs

Tortilla Roll-ups

(Not pictured…just used the standard ones from Costco)

Goldfish + Animal Crackers

Now I know it looks like I forgot to feed my guests dessert, but that’s the best part. Eden’s party was at my parent’s frozen yogurt shop (our shop is just too small for our guest list and my parents willingly agreed to let us make a mess of theirs) so everyone got to go fill up their cups with frozen yogurt and all of the toppings they could want. This was SUCH a huge money saver for us and we are so thankful to my parents for letting us do this. I had even thought about purchasing some cute cups that I designed, but then realized the Limeberry logo cups were cute as is and my mom kept reminding me that they were happy to have us use them. So, I did. I’m so glad. We are obviously in quite the financial crunch right now (maybe that’s not so obvious..but we are on a spending freeze permanently I’m pretty sure) so any money saved was quite a blessing. Besides, who doesn’t love some frozen yogurt?! 

As for drinks we went with pink lemonade served in mason jars and then organic whole milk and natural apple juice for the youngest ones in the group. More on the drink portion of the party later!

I cannot close this post without a GIANT and HUGE shout out to my friends, Maggie and Kristen. They were extremely vital in the food portion of the event. In fact, there would be no food if it wasn’t for them. See, I loved the idea of all of the food, but actually making it happen was a different story. I needed to be able to set up the party, but also cook the food and keep it warm all in a few short hours. Yeah. Not going to happen. They willingly volunteered their morning (and the time to go pick up all of the groceries!) to get the food prepared. Can I just say they did an AMAZING job? LOVE THEM!

I’ll be back with more details later! Anyone else feeling like “this is the party that never ends…yes it goes on and on my friends…” What? You don’t remember Lamb Chops? I loved that show. Even had the lamb puppet.  

Let me know if you have any questions about the food or even another aspect of the party. Oh and just so you know, people are still talking about the peanut butter and jelly “sushi” that we served so that’s a must make. 

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