14 Months

*I took the photo and wrote this post when she actually had just turned 14 months and then never finished it. That was November 17th. Mommy fail.

Well, here we are at yet another month gone by in our child’s life. This month was quite exciting because she started truly understanding us. Sadly, because of this, that also meant we also started doing timeouts. This girl definitely learned how to throw tantrums just like the best of them. Thankfully we quickly learned to just let her throw them and just walk away. I usually stand in the same room, but only acknowledge her in the beginning to give her a rundown of what’s going to happen. “Eden, I’m sorry you are upset. Mommy will be right here when you are ready to ________.” Usually she is throwing a fit because she wants me to carry her EVERYWHERE. While I would love to do that, its not always practical, and it certainly is putting a strain on my back. Besides, she should be able to walk around on her own. Oh the life of a toddler.

We actually have a fairly accurate guess of Eden’s stats since we had to go to the doctor this month. She had a horrible cough…I mean so frightening that I had to stay up with her all night…and the doctor decided it was asthma. We don’t know if it was or not since most every child has had a bad cough, but we started her on a nebulizer as the doctor instructed. Thankfully she is finally better after lots of time in front of that nebulizer, keeping her in from the cold air, and lots of Vicks on her feet (it works, try it!). 
Eden’s Stats:
Height: 27.5 inches
Weight: 17 lbs. 13 oz.
All of Eden’s baby friends have passed her up. Yes, I mean BABY friends. This girl is petite just like her momma…sorry Eden!
Things you love:
Saying “YUM!” every time you see food
Pointing to your nose, mouth, eyes, toes, fingers, and belly button when asked
Stacking and sorting everything
Making monkey sounds
Making lion sounds
Brushing your teeth (you take us to get your toothbrush)
Things you don’t love:

Food (seriously you don’t like to eat all of a sudden)
Waiting for your milk to be poured
Being patient
Lately this is the conversation that happens between Eden and I:
ME: Red Robin!
Eden: ba?
ME: No, say YUM!!!

Eden: YUM!

I am determined to have my child star in her very own Red Robin commercial. I am such a stage mom.

I was planning on having Eden’s monthly posts be MUCH simpler than her first year, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Oh well. As always here are some photos of her last month. Oh and of course the disclaimer that my lens is all whacked out so please don’t critique them!

Grandpa Crain took her on her first carousel ride
(She was not so happy once the horse started moving..)
Holding hands with Beckett
(I couldn’t upload a video of them kissing, but they did!)

No more pictures mommy!

She is such a confident walker…and is hard to keep up with!

Her newest love, Clifford! 

This is how she sits when she eats EVERY.SINGLE.DAY without fail.

We love you Eden! 


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