Being Neighborly…And Other Christmas Goodies

We have the greatest neighbors. Really, we do. We actually have experienced a lot of not so great neighbors, so moving to our current location proved to us that neighbors can be nice. Because we love them so much we like to do a little something for them for Christmas (well and throughout the year too). I didn’t have a chance to show you what I did last year…or at least I don’t think I did, if I did then just think of this as a reminder. We needed something simple and inexpensive, but cute all at the same time. Here is what we came up with.

Aren’t those fun? We found the pails in the dollar section at Target. You could always find some at a craft store or Goodwill and decorate them yourself, but at the time (working full-time and had a 2 month old) I just couldn’t find a spare moment to DIY much of anything. So pre-made worked for me! The inside is filled with Peppermint Bark from Costco. That is some good stuff! We also found little packets of hot chocolate and stuffed them in there as well. See those cute little Santa socks there? We had found out that our newest neighbors were expecting their first baby so we had to throw those in for fun. 

So, if you need an idea for an easy and inexpensive gift, there you have it. This year I have plans of giving them some homemade popcorn in glass jars. I don’t think they actually read this blog so hopefully I didn’t just give it away. Not that I gave much away, it doesn’t sound all that great the way I described it, but I promise, it will look half decent in the end. What? I am not promising miracles here. I’ll try to share photos if I get them done sometime soon! Christmas is almost here and I haven’t finished one present. Talk about procrastination! 

One last thing….our Secret Santa struck again! If you remember we had someone drop a tree at our door and make a run for it. Well, we are guessing that same person (the knock was the same anyway!) dropped a little gift box with all of the fixings for hot chocolate and smores. I happened to be standing next to the door when they knocked, but of course had to do the whole ninja thing and quietly creep to the window to see who it was. No luck, I was too slow and didn’t catch them! I would have taken a photo BEFORE we ate everything to show you how cute it was, but we kind of inhaled all of it and ended up in a sugar induced coma. Here is a picture of the cute little mugs that were in that gift box. 

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays so far…and hoping that you have gotten a better start on gifts than I have this year. 

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