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Just because my goal to put myself out there with photography was SO last year, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep pushing myself right? Right. So, I wanted to do something that would get me to try a few new things, while also giving me a reason to be better at documenting specific parts of my life. See, I find that I am good at taking photos when Eden is dressed up, or the house looks halfway decent, but to get a photo of our daily life? That just doesn’t happen as often as it should. I know one day that will bother me. So, I started to consider taking a photo a day.

That idea was quickly squashed. Actually committing to do something every day for an entire year is just not something I can do. I am so very willing to admit it. I thought some more and then realized I LOVED seeing people post their project 52 photos. The concept of project 52 is that you take one photo a week. You can find blogs that actually give you a specific topic to follow or you can just make something up and go for it. I chose the latter. The thing is, the past few months have been extremely stretching for us. We no longer wonder what its like to run out of toilet paper and pray that we will find enough change to buy some more because we are living that right now. It has been a humbling experience, but one we would never trade. Honestly, we feel blessed to be living through this. I never truly understood how people would become so desperate. I get it now. 
The great news? We have learned so much and are growing because of everything we are going through. We are pushing forward and are doing everything we can to get out of this situation. Some days I feel so raw from the emotions that come with all of this. I don’t feel sad for us, not one bit…but I just so desperately want to give Eden a better life. I would be dishonest to say that there haven’t been some days where I just feel down. Mainly because while I don’t feel ready to bring another child into our family (I am really struggling with the thought of changing up the great dynamics we already have) some days it bothers me that I can’t due to the situation we find ourselves in. It’s silly really…I mean, I just said I am not ready. The doctor even said I am not ready until at least March. Yet, I see the way Eden takes care of babies and it is so evident that she will make a wonderful big sister. I would love to see her with a baby brother or sister, but at this time I would find it irresponsible to try for another child. So, unless God blesses us with a child despite the “barriers” then it will be awhile before we can grow our family. Wow, I definitely have no shortage of words today. Basically this was a long way of saying I am using this “project” to see the blessings we have in a new light.
My Project 52 is going to be titled, “New Beginnings.” This year looks like its going to be full of unknowns and changes and through all that I want to be able to see all of God’s great promises. So, here’s week one. 
Guess what? My idea to do the whole take a photo 365 days in a row actually was reborn. I found a great app called My365 that you can just upload your photos to and it even puts them into a calendar so you can see what day you took them! I am doing this with the camera on my phone to get more of the random shots. Those won’t be as well thought out as the ones I display for project 52. If you have ever considered embarking on a photo a day journey, try the app…it definitely has me motivated! Also, I know that sounds rather ridiculous…me talking about my fancy phone when I just said we can’t buy toilet paper. I’m not going to get into it, but just know that it was a gift. Yes, I have a hard time having fancy things. However, I have many people who for some reason think I actually deserve them and for that I am thankful. 
Thank you all for blessing us each day. We have great family, friends, and readers of this little blog baby and we are grateful.

Want to join in? Leave me a comment with your blog address so I can link to you..and in return you can do the same and link to mine. It will be fun!

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4 thoughts on “Project 52:1 | Joy

  1. What a beautiful photo! I tried doing a 365, and failed miserably. Instead, I am rebirthing my P52 challenge! Would you like to co-link? If not, I'll simply adore your site through Styleberry! 😀

  2. Kate,Thanks so much, you are so sweet! 🙂 I decided to play along with both project 52 and 365 (or 366 this year) figuring one has to work out, right? I just figure I won't put pressure on myself. I would love to co-link, I'm off to check out yours now! XoXo,M

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