Project 52:3 | Time

It seems like each and every day I have the same internal battle where I continually beat myself up over how much time I spend with Eden. Yes, I am at home with her every single day, but is that enough? Is it enough to be in the same room if I am doing my own thing and not actively engaging in her play? I don’t think that we are meant to have our focus 100% with our children every moment of every day, that would be impossible. However, I do think it is so vital that we are intentional with our time. That we make it a point to show them that they matter. It’s funny to me that every time I think I am the only one who struggles with this, I have five friends who admit they are going through the same thing.
Likewise, my time needs to be intentional with my husband as well. With our busy schedules we often times only spend quality time together a couple hours one night a week. We have done our best to lay aside Friday nights as our family night. Once Eden goes to bed, Josh and I are able to spend time doing devotionals, watching a movie, and getting to take time to actually talk. We talk a lot, but rarely about the deeper subjects of life. In a world where we are so consumed by activities it is so hard to find the time to sit still and relish your husband (or boyfriend, friend…whomever!). 
Lastly, time with God. I love my Creator and I have mentioned that once or twice or so on here. I’m finding it so much harder to find time to spend with Him. This is something I am constantly improving on. It’s amazing how the one person in my life who is more important to me than anything is the one I tend to spend the least amount of time with. This saddens my heart and I want to make Him a priority.
Wow, time really is a sore subject for me. I struggle with it all of the time. I hope I can be an encouragement to all of you out there. 
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Things have been quite interesting around here. Our state has been inundated with flooding. Looking at the streets in our city makes it feel like we are watching a movie. It just seems so unreal. We never have any disasters in our area so this flooding has been quite devastating to many. Please keep Oregon in your thoughts and prayers! Thankfully the flooding we dealt with in our home was minimal and the things that were lost were trivial compared to what others may have lost. 

3 thoughts on “Project 52:3 | Time

  1. oh HONEY do I deal with this too…I agree that we should not be focused on the kiddos every single second of the day, but whenever I don't I feel guilt…such a conundrum…and I wish we could skip ahead 20 years and let our kids give us advice, you know??…and off the subject…WHAT is the recipe for that delicious looking dessert in your header…looks AMAZING!

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