16 Months

Yikes. I am so totally behind on this update. The car breaking down, the first snow of the season, and the basement flooding all kind of took over and there was just no time for anything more. So, here I am, posting about Eden’s sixteenth month when we are really not all that far from her seventeenth month. Oh well, I think this is mostly for me anyway because I am sure most of you don’t care what Eden said, ate, and played with yesterday. 
Things You Love
Tangled (she could watch this on repeat)
Super Why (we all have the songs memorized)
Your nativity set
The Ball Popper
Saying “no” 
Hanging out at grandma and grandpa’s
The iPad
Reading every book in the house
Helping clean up toys
Playing with Bella
Beckett (her baby boyfriend)
Your friends at the church nursery
Things You Don’t Love
Having accidents on the floor
Getting your hair washed
Things You Have Learned
Animal Sounds: moo, neigh, baa, woof (uf uf), meow
Words: ball, dog, Bella, No, Yes, Grapes, Cheese, Crackers, Please, Peas, Puffs, Milk, Peepee, PooPoo, Papa (grandpa), Louela (Lola), hello, buh bye, “Beeeeeee!” (Aunt Brooke)…there’s more, I just can’t remember them all!
Signs: please, more (you learned this one on your own somehow), thank you
Funny things…every time you see an animal you say “moo” even though you know cows say “moo” and you typically know what the other animals say as well. You think its hilarious. You have learned to laugh at us…not because we are tickling you…but because you are starting to understand that your parents are the funniest people EVER (seriously we are). Your opinion has only become stronger and now you make it clear if you don’t like something. You got your first molar!

First snow of the season and I had to blur it out so you couldn’t tell that really there was hardly any snow!
I feel like she looks so much older in this photo…sigh.
The girl of many faces…this one was occurring too frequently and then we realized she was working on a molar.

I can’t believe we are just about to February! Things have been more than crazy around our house. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. I’ll talk about it when the time is right, but for now I am going to go get some work done before Eden wakens from her naptime! I look forward to being back to blogging…

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