Project 52:4 | Friendship

I don’t know what we did to deserve it, but we have seriously been blessed with the most amazing friends. Some days I feel like we are always taking from our friends…I mean seriously, we require a lot of energy…but somehow they love us and know that we love them. 

I’ve loved watching Eden grow up with her little pal boyfriend Beckett. Although they are 9 months apart, they have become best buddies. This past week Eden even started showing signs of regression from spending time with him…she spent an entire day crawling and rolling from her tummy to her back just as Beckett is doing. My goodness. I don’t even want to think what she would do if we were to have a baby right now! Eden loves taking care of him though and that’s a good thing because his mommy and I spend a heckuva lot of time together. I’m sure we will get plenty of eye rolls as Kirsten and I have yet another craft day in the week as they grow older. I figure its just another excuse for them to play right?! 

All this to say, we know some amazing people. We have best friends, friends, and acquaintances that all have a special place in our hearts. We love them all for who they are. Each has a unique story to tell which just pushes us to be better people. God truly blessed us with a wonderful group of people to share our lives with, to laugh with, to tell jokes that aren’t funny and yet they laugh anyway with, to cry with…the list could go on forever. Thank you dear friends for being there for us even when it feels like we can’t give back nearly as much as you give to us.   

*Sidenote. Please laugh that Eden’s face may permanently be in a “kissy face” position. Literally she puckers up those lips to everybody and everything! That girl needs an intervention. She couldn’t eat the other night because there was a Santa (fake of course) sitting on our dining room table (our version of storage) and she just wanted to kiss him. Over and over. Its becoming ridiculous. And yet so cute. 

And of course….

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3 thoughts on “Project 52:4 | Friendship

  1. I love how she already has a boyfriend! Our little girl is 8 months and she already has a boyfriend at daycare and a prom date! My Project 52 this week was about "remembering our angels" aka my grandparents. Thanks for linking up again this week!

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