Vintage Rustic Baby Shower | The Invite

Today is the day…the day that I am revealing the invitation for the BFF’s baby shower. This is my favorite invite that I have designed yet. I knew I wanted to do something unique, that tied the theme in, and that held all the valuable information that invitations always need. Instead of lots of words, why don’t I just let the photos talk, sound good? 



These were so fun to put together! Time consuming for sure (I made around 50 of these), but I enjoyed every moment of it. Also, I have a serious addiction to envelope liners. I absolutely cannot get myself to put together an invitation without an envelope liner. The envelopes just look naked. 
One thing I can thank my pal Pinterest for is the idea of bringing books instead of cards. I thought it would be fun to make a library card of sorts encouraging guests to save the money usually spent on cards and buy a book for baby Hayley.  Since I am also honored to be helping put together Miss Hayley’s nursery, I knew that she had her very own reading nook, but no books to put amongst the shelves. Obviously this was not ideal. I am so happy I went for this idea, because it turned out great. I encourage you to do this if you are planning a baby shower, I was so happy with the results! 
Now, dear friends, I am happy to announce that the baby shower happened…and it went better than I expected! I had some extremely high expectations for it, but Ashley (the other planner and a dear friend of Ruby’s) and I somehow pulled it off. I CANNOT wait to show you photos from the day and give you all the details. I’m actually getting ready to look at them now…and then I am going to relax. A lot. Because every single solitary part of my body is sore after that event. A party isn’t great until you come home with bruises you know?

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