Project 52:6 | Love

Showing love to your child is vital. Showing your child how to love is important. One thing I have learned this week is how affected children are by the love that their parents show one another. I have been trying to view my relationship with Josh through Eden’s eyes lately. I think its so necessary for her to see that I love her daddy and respect him. I tend to be someone who shies away from “PDA” and while that will most likely never change, I also realize that it’s not necessarily a bad thing for her to see us hug or even kiss. In fact, I actually think it’s healthy for her. I want her to know, without a doubt, that I think her daddy is the most amazing man on the planet. I want her to love her daddy, respect him, and always cherish the sacred bond that they have created. 
It’s scary knowing that one day Eden will be at an age where boys will start to pursue her, and I pray that Josh and I show her what true love is, to avoid the boys who do not like her for the right reasons. I want to raise a woman of God who first and foremost respects herself. Am I scared? You betcha. But I actually think it can be done and I am so very determined to make sure that it does.  
I love love.
Alright, no more sappiness! I promise this only happens once a year (the sappiness) and its all due to this Valentine’s day shenanigans. We typically like to save money (surprise surprise) so we play to stay in Tuesday and just have fun as a family. However, due to some free movie tickets and a gift card, Saturday will be a date day! I can hardly wait. Hope you all enjoy your loved ones on the day of love…and no you don’t have to have a significant other to enjoy it. Mom’s and dad’s make great dates as do friends! 
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One last thing, I am so mortified that no one told me that I had a major error on my last photo post. YIKES. Let’s just say, putting these together late at night was not the best choice for me. 

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