I Love Love.

All of us over here at the Crain household want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a date or not, I still think this can be a fun day for you. Send a friend a little treat, drop off flowers to your widowed neighbor, send some chocolates to your mom…you are creative, think of something. Our plans include pizza, some homemade whole wheat brownies, and Limeberry (frozen yogurt) of course! As if we would celebrate any other way. We hope you all enjoy this day often thought of as the “greeting card holiday.” Well, we are doing homemade Valentine’s for one another that list the 14 things we love most, which we will also write for Eden too…so take that Hallmark! Just teasing card companies, I’m glad you can make some money today.
Enjoy your day! 🙂
The Crain’s 
*Thank you to those of you that made it through my last post and encouraged me. I wasn’t looking for affirmation, but God always knows what we need because I most certainly took each and every comment to heart. Thank you dear friends for reminding me that being honest is a-ok! 

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