I Got Brushed By Fame!

You guys. I just had the most surreal moment of my blogging life. Tonight I met John and Sherry. You know…the ones who write the “little” blog called Young House Love. You know you’ve heard about it. These two are renovating mavens. I was so excited I had to share it with you. Seriously I was SO nervous to talk to them because we all know I tend to have word vomit when I’m feeling awkward. No idea what I actually said, but I do know that we talked about Bella’s days as a Bachelorette. Yes, it’s true…we let our dog compete with other ladies for another man’s love. Don’t call us crazy…we just love our dog. Seriously though they are exactly what I expected them to be like…humble, hilarious, and down to earth. Awesome people. 

Oh and you want to know what else? I totally met some bloggers that I had connected with awhile back. I happened to see them pass by and totally had one of those, “I’m almost positive I know them, but I don’t want to make a fool of myself and say hi to them and then have them look at me like I was super crazy” moments. This happens to me a lot. Anyway, they did remember me! They are Portland home bloggers and are HILARIOUS. Loved their fun personalities. I’m glad they didn’t run screaming and actually stuck around to talk. Thanks guys, you flatter me. I didn’t take a photo with them (I think I would have scared me), but they do blog over at Tell’er All About It and you should check them out. 
Anyway, I am totally on a blogging high right now. I mean, these are big league bloggers, and I am just a humble nobody blogger so this just made my day. Makes me realize why I love blogging so much…you can connect with people you never would have otherwise. I love that. Plus I am beyond shy, like never leaving my house shy, so blogging makes it just a bit easier to pretend like I am outgoing. Totally had you fooled right 😉
Well, there was my brush with fame for the day! 

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