Project 52:7 | Fun

I promise I didn’t forget to post my Project 52…I have a good excuse, REALLY! We actually got invited on a last minute and total spur of the moment family trip with Josh’s side to the Washington coast so we said, “SURE!” and went for it. That meant no chance of posting or doing much of anything but having lots of fun. Well, I did sneak in some work on an invitation I am designing, but other than that it was all play. 
I wish we made more time for fun. We tend to like the idea of fun, but with our busy schedules and lack of  funds we make so many excuses as to why we can’t do anything. I think this needs to stop. I don’t want Eden to lack great experiences just because her parents never stopped everything and just went on an adventure. Yes, it is a little more challenging to come up with activities when you have zero money to spend, but it certainly can be done with a bit of creativity. 
Now, since I took FOREVER to get this posted, you’ll see another one in just a few short days! 
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Let me know if you want to join in on the fun! It’s never too late to start your Project 52 🙂

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