Project 52:10 | Determination

With the unseasonably warm weather we have been having in the Northwest, we couldn’t resist taking Eden to our neighborhood park. Turns out the girl who absolutely hated to go outside last year, absolutely won’t leave the outdoors this year. Who would have thought?! While at the park, Eden loved climbing up the slide. Actually she likes to climb up EVERYTHING. It was hard work, filled with lots of grunts and falls, but every time she made it she had a big smile on her face. This wasn’t my planned word for the week, but just as it happens every week, the word determination just kind of felt right. So I went with it. 
On a deeper note, I was considering the word determination and what a big role it plays in our lives. Honestly, when I am determined to make something happen, well, I almost always succeed. Even when God is saying, “NO!” Sometimes it’s hard to decipher when my determination is getting in the way of what God is trying to tell me. In the end though I think I learn a lot. The determination I have is what will get us out of debt. It’s what will help us to get to the point where we can begin the adoption process. It’s what will help me in helping others. I am so determined to follow God’s instructions and His leading that I am ready to get so very uncomfortable it hurts. Yep, time to leave my little safe comfort zone and head out into the world. No matter how determined I am, I want to always remember to pray and follow His will….even if it means leaving something that I was “so determined” to make happen. 
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Let me know if you want to join in on the fun! It’s never too late to start your Project 52 🙂

For those of you who have been begging me to post photos of the BFF’s nursery for her little one I promise they will be coming! We still have some finishing touches to do this weekend and I am crossing my fingers that we will get enough done that I can snap some photos of the space. I’m so excited to show you all and even more excited for Miss Hayley to get here so she can enjoy her room. 


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