Project 52:11 | Patience

Eden is so very into exploring right now. It is so fun to watch her mind stretch as she puts things together, or takes things apart. It is quite fascinating as a mother to see your child grow. The hard part of this is the mess that inevitably shows up from all of this discovery. I absolutely want to let Eden play and have fun…I don’t want to hold her back. But it is hard. Oh so hard. As a person who teeters on the Type A personality line I do admit to having a hard time with the mess. Clutter overwhelms me. And dirt? Yeah….let’s not go there. Ironically it turns out Eden is more of a dirt hater than I am AND she loves picking up her toys. Score one for this momma. Yes, I know probably won’t last…especially with the hoard of children we plan to have in our home, but I like that I can take baby steps. And honestly? I don’t think it is a bad thing to enjoy cleanliness…I think that too helps a child, but I never want it to get in the way of growth. 
Now to figure out how to let a toddler play while also keeping the house clean for house showings. EEKS…this mommy hasn’t yet solved that problem just yet. 
If you notice anything different in the layout for my Project 52 this week please just pretend it doesn’t exist. My computer has chosen to rebel against me once again. Two weeks ago the motherboard went out (just assume that means the computer won’t even turn on) and this morning the screen decided to just not want to turn on anymore. I very much do not like my laptop, and I am very vocal about it around this house, but come on….I need you to work Mr. Computer. I may not like you, but I NEED you. Thankfully between the hubsters and his amazingly talented friend the laptop will be restored as usual and I’ll be back into working order…and not whining because I have to sit in the “dungeon” (our basement) editing on Josh’s computer. How about this…I am just thankful that we have the opportunity to own computers when so many do not. There. 
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Let me know if you want to join in on the fun! It’s never too late to start your Project 52 🙂

Have a super fantastically wonderful weekend! I’m off to help the parentals move into their new home! Pictures will come I’m sure (despite the fact that my dad heinously tore down the beautiful wood paneling…the guy just has no clue)…but don’t get too anxious for photos, it’s a 50’s (I think?!) home that is stuck in the 50’s. After some love this house is going to be beautiful…well…less so without the wood paneling, but I may get over it one day. Alright, I’m outta here.


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